Call for Nominations - 2017 Barbara Townsend Lecture

Barbara Townsend served as the ASHE Executive Director and on many other committees, to improve the study of higher education for her higher education colleagues. Barbara was particularly well known for her research on community colleges, feminist studies, doctoral education, and higher education programs. In 1995 Barbara, Les Goodchild, and Bob Hendrickson co-founded the Council for the Advancement of Higher Education Programs (CAHEP). CAHEP and the larger ASHE community wanted to recall her spirit and enthusiasm for higher education programs annually in a lecture series. 

CAHEP welcomes proposals for the lecture that focus on community colleges, feminist studies, doctoral education, and higher education programs. We have not had a lecture on research and leadership in community colleges recently, so we would encourage proposals in this area particularly. 

Please include in your proposal: (500 word maximum)

  • How the proposed lecture has implications for higher education programs and administration, gender in higher education, or leadership in community colleges.
  • Short Biography (address the person's/your higher education professional background and past involvement in ASHE)
Deadline for Proposals is Thursday June 22, 2017.

Please send proposals to Karen Card, Chair CAHEP Pre-Conference at The University of South Dakota


Call for Nominations - CAHEP Executive Board

On behalf of CAHEP I am writing to invite nominations, including selfnominations for the positions of CAHEP Chair and Vice-Chair. Both positions serve for three years.

The CAHEP Chair oversees the various functions of the CAHEP Council and reports and communicates with the ASHE Board on the needs of Higher Education programs and Council programs and activities.

The CAHEP Vice Chair works closely with the Chair in all activities and is responsible for the agenda and programs for the annual meeting of the Council. The Vice Chair also assists in the preparation of the annual budget request to the Council.

Both positions work closely with the other Council Officers (secretary, finance officer, program chair, and communications chair) dealing with all CAHEP matters.

All nominees, nominators, and endorsers must be current CAHEP members. To nominate, please send the nomination form [download .docx] to Linda Serra Hagedorn at by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, July 15, 2016 Please use the subject line "CAHEP Nomination"

All nominations will be treated confidentially by the CAHEP Nominations Committee. The committee will review the nominations and subsequently submit a list of recommendations to the CAHEP Executive Board for inclusion on a ballot for the CAHEP membership. Nominators will be notified of the final decision. Please direct any questions regarding the nomination process to