Proposal Formats: Posters

  • Posters are a mechanism for scholars to engage in interactive discussion with other conference participants about a research project that has been completed or is in developing stages. The poster venue allows scholars with similar research interests to interact by using the poster as a focal point.
  • Poster presenters will display their research on a large bulletin board (provided at the conference). Presenters will attend the poster session to discuss the project with conference attendees. 

Proposals should provide:

  • A clear statement of the purpose or goals of the research (i.e., the primary research questions or issues being addressed);
  • A brief summary of the theoretical or conceptual foundation for the work;
  • A description of the methodology being used and the project findings (if applicable); and The theoretical and/or practical significance and implications of the research.

Poster proposals will be evaluated on:

  • Importance of the topic, issue, or problem to the field of higher education;
  • Quality of the theoretical or conceptual framework; and
  • Clarity of objectives and intended outcomes of the research.

The following sections will not be accepting poster submissions:

  • Council for the Advancement of Higher Education Programs (CAHEP) 
  • Council on Ethnic Participation (CEP)
  • Council on Public Policy in Higher Education (CPPHE)

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