Proposal Formats: Roundtables

Roundtables provide an opportunity for authors to share information regarding their research in an informal, conversational style with interested persons. Accepted papers will be grouped by section chairs, with each roundtable bringing together several papers that address shared interests.  Each of these groups are assigned to a numbered table in a large meeting room.  Each roundtable will have a chair to facilitate participation, but there will be no discussants.  Given the informal structure of the roundtable presentation, no audiovisual equipment will be provided.

Roundtable proposals should describe as many of the following as are applicable, preferably in this order:

  • Objectives or purposes of the proposed discussion;
  • Perspectives or theoretical/conceptual frameworks that will guide the discussion;
  • Data, evidence, or resources related to the discussion topic;
  • Conclusions and implications;
  • Strategies to facilitate participation in the discussion; and
  • Importance of the topic.

Roundtable proposals will be evaluated on:

  • Importance of the topic, issue, or problem to the field of higher education;
  • Clarity of objectives and intended outcomes of the session;
  • Potential for stimulating scholarly discussion; and
  • Originality

The following section(s) will not be accepting roundtable submissions:

  • Council on Public Policy in Higher Education (CPPHE)

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