General Conference Section: Students

Proposals for this section focus on research related to some aspect of “students” including students’ college access, high school-to-college transition, experiences while in college, college success, and outcomes. Studies that examine student experiences within different groups or subcultures, disciplinary settings, or institutional types are appropriate for this division. Studies focused on the assessment of student outcomes, rather than the outcomes themselves, should be submitted to the section on Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. Studies focusing on student financial aid programs should be submitted to the Policy, Finance, & Economics division.

Since Students has historically been the largest section, this year three subsections were created to better match proposals with appropriate reviewers and to make proposals easier to group after acceptance.  The three subsections are College Access (e.g., college choice and effectiveness of access programs), College Transition and Experiences While in College (e.g., effects of participation in a particular program, or development within a particular population of students), and College Success and Outcomes (e.g., student achievement, retention, outcomes across a variety of domains).  After authors choose to submit to the Students section, they will be asked to select the subsection that best fits their proposal. 


College access:

College transition and experiences while in college:

College success and outcomes:

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