ASHE-WT Grant Collaborations


The Association for the Study of Higher Education is pleased to announce it has received a $24,998 grant from the William T. Grant Foundation. These funds supported research and collaborations at the 2015 ASHE Conference.

The funded initiative seeks to improve research-and-practice connections by encouraging collaborations between members of our higher education research association (ASHE) and members of each of five intermediary organizations that seek to help higher education policymakers and/or practitioners identify, understand, and apply research-based evidence. Intermediary organizations can play an important role in connecting research and practice, but frequently these intermediary organizations have limited capacity to effectively play this role. The project sought to remedy this situation with groups that worked together throughout the year and presented their findings at the 2015 ASHE Conference in Denver, Colorado, November 4-7, 2015.

Click the links below to learn more about the five partner organizations and the work of the collaborations:


2015 Presidential Sessions:

Click here to view the Presidential Sessions featuring the collaborative work.

Learn more about the project by clicking here to access the press release.

Questions? Please contact: 
Dr. Laura Perna, Principal Investigator on the grant 
Dr. Kim Nehls, Co-PI on the grant