ASHE is committed to offering an accessible learning and socializing environment for attendees. Accessibility is for everyone and includes multiple moving parts, which means creating accessible spaces requires a partnership between everyone sharing space.

In an effort to shift how the Association, members, and conference attendees orient to access at the annual conference, the 2023 ASHE Conference Accessibility Committee developed a “Toward Disability Justice, Access, and Solidarity” website. Please review the website, which includes the Accessibility (Un)Statement, which was co-authored by scholars on the 2020-2022 CEP Accessibility and Equity/Inclusion Sub-Committee.

With the intent to increase accessibility for all ASHE attendees, we have outlined current guidelines and offerings below and will be adding additional resources as planning for the conference continues.

We recognize that there are additional ways in which we can make events accessible for individuals. We will work with each attendee should they choose to submit an accommodation request, to ensure we provide the best possible support. 

Conference Accessibility and Inclusion Contacts

Prior to the Conference, you can contact the following ASHE staff directly for questions or concerns:

  • General Staff email at
  • Alicia Castillo Shrestha, ASHE Assistant Director for Conference & Events, (202) 925‑5935

Any on-site accessibility concerns can be brought to the attention of the ASHE Staff (located at the Conference Help Desk) or a hotel staff member.

Accommodation Requests

Event registrants will have the opportunity to add accessibility requests when they register for an event. This includes requests for attending or presenting at sessions. ASHE Staff can best meet needs when notified at least 3 weeks prior to any event.

For the annual conference, submitting accessibility requests on the registration form or by contacting the ASHE Conference and Accessibility and Inclusion Contacts prior to September 30, 2024 allows the ASHE Staff ample time to work with attendees, the hotel, and other partners to ensure we are able to provide fuller access to the in-person conference.

Arriving & Departing from Minneapolis

TSA Help Line: 1-866-289-9673

The TSA Help Line assists travelers planning to fly on any airline in the United States. TSA Cares is a helpline to assist travelers with disabilities and medical conditions. TSA recommends that passengers call 72 hours ahead of travel for information about what to expect during screening.

Minneapolis Saint-Paul (MSP) Airport

Accessibility information (including parking, lactation rooms, service animals, wheelchair access, restrooms, etc) for the airport can be found on their website via the following links:

General Conference Accessibility & Inclusion

The 2024 ASHE General Conference Headquarters Hotel will be the Hilton Minneapolis. The Hilton Minneapolis is in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act required under Title III.

Hotel Rooms

The 2024 ASHE Conference Headquarters Hotel will be the Hilton Minneapolis with an additional room block available at the Holiday Inn Express. Both hotels are in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act required under Title III. You may review the full list of accessible amenities and features at the Hilton and hotel amenities and services offered at the Holiday Inn.

The Hilton Minneapolis offers accessible rooms that are also wheelchair-access compliant. These include roll-in showers or tub transfers. In addition, hearing-impaired equipment, known as TTY telephones, are available upon request and select rooms are hypoallergenic.

Hotel reservations must be made through the ASHE portal at To request an accessible room, enter the requested room type in the comments on the reservation page and staff will process your reservation accordingly.

Captioning and Interpreting Services

The Opening Session and Presidential Address as well as the two Plenary Sessions will be live captioned as well have ASL Interpretation.

Attendees can request additional communication access such as interpreting for breakout sessions through their registration form or by contacting the ASHE Conference Accessibility and Inclusion Contacts by September 30, 2024 to allow time for scheduling services.

ASHE provides presenters with a Presenter Guide that includes information on how to make presentations more accessible. In-room laptops are also provided for each breakout session with closed captioning already enabled for PowerPoint. Presenters are highly encouraged to use PowerPoint for their sessions for this purpose.

Meeting Spaces

Meeting spaces are accessible via elevator, escalator, and stairs. There is signage included in each meeting room to signal space reserved for wheelchair and scooter users, and individuals that may need access to specific areas of the room, such as the first or back row.

Breakout Room Reserved Seating

Accessible seating is reserved near the front of each break out room for attendees who may need to be closer to the front of the room. There is no request needed for these seats.

Each breakout room will also have a reserved spot for a wheelchair user. This will be indicated by a blue sticker on the floor. This space will be near the center of the room, but wheelchair users may, of course, position themselves anywhere in the room.

Mindfulness Room

ASHE is committed to identifying dedicated and accessible spaces within the main conference hotel as they are available. The Mindfulness Room will be an enclosed room available for attendees seeking a place to engage in prayer or meditative practices, take a break or recharge during the conference. For more information, please visit the Conference Help Desk during the Conference.

Lactation Room

A private enclosed space will be available by key check out at the hotel front desk for attendees that are pumping and/or breastfeeding. The room is located on the first floor next to the Gallery, adjacent to the restrooms. A refrigerator and freezer will be provided in the room for storing milk. Please note: there is only one space available for the entire hotel, including conference attendees. Rooms in our Headquarters Hotel (Hilton) do have refrigerators in each guest room. Please indicate your intent to use the lactation room on your registration form so the ASHE staff can better anticipate use of the space and address possible alternative options based on demand. For more information, please visit the Conference Help Desk during the Conference.

All Gender Restrooms

All Gender Restrooms benefit people of many different identities. Several benefits include: providing a more welcoming and comfortable situation for those who require assistance when using the bathroom, such as people with disabilities, those with personal attendants, or parents/guardians of children; helping minimizing potential mistreatment or feeling uncomfortable when accessing gender-specific bathrooms; eliminating unnecessary wait time when another bathroom is open, but not associated with your gender.

To be consistent with ASHE’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity, many of our headquarters hotels’ restrooms, which are usually assigned as “men” and “women,” are converted to All-Gender Restrooms. Throughout the conference, restrooms in the event space of the headquarters hotel and conference floors will be All Gender Restrooms and available to all conference participants. All-Gender Restrooms will be clearly marked with signs outside of each restroom entrance. 

Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

In creating menus, ASHE strives to ensure there are a variety of acceptable food preference options. If you have specific food allergies or dietary restrictions, please include this on your registration form or contact the ASHE Conference Accessibility and Inclusion Contacts. If menu options do not meet a conference attendee’s dietary needs, please notify any hotel server and they can provide an alternative option.

For the General Conference, the ASHE Staff works to:

  • Ensure there are no nuts on any menus
  • Ensure there are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free food and drink options
  • Ensure dairy free options are available when dairy items are served (e.g., non-dairy creamer with coffee breaks)
  • Ensure any dietary needs or allergies shared during the registration process are noted for the hotel catering staff for conference-wide events as well as events in which a participant may attend
  • Ensure there are non-alcoholic options at events where alcohol is served as well as work to limit the number of events where alcohol is served. For example, the Awards Ceremony toast is sparkling apple cider and a cash bar is available to attendees.
  • Provide at least a 60 minute lunch break on all conference days.

Gender Pronouns and Name Badges

When you register for ASHE 2024, you will be able to enter your gender pronouns. These will appear on your printed name badge. ASHE's values of diversity, inclusion, and equity call upon us all to be mindful of and use others' gender pronouns. Further information on the practice and understanding of pronoun usage is available through - Using Personal Pronouns .

Virtual Conference Day Accessibility

The Virtual Conference Day will be hosted on November 7th, 2024 through Zoom and will be captioned with AI transcribing from Zoom Live Transcripts. Attendees can request additional communication access (interpreting or CART) for sessions through their registration form or by contacting the ASHE Conference Accessibility and Inclusion Contacts by September 30, 2024 to allow time for scheduling services.