Accessibility (In-Person Conference)

ASHE is committed to offering an accessible learning and socializing environment for our attendees. We strive to make presenting and attending as inclusive as possible.

*Note: These guidelines are initial for our 2021 events. A Strategic Workgroup on Accessibility is working on both short and long-term policies and procedures to make ASHE more accessible. Please check back later in the Summer for updated guidelines. Also, please feel free to contact ASHE Conference Director Sendi Brewster at with any questions or comments.


Luís Muñoz Marin International Airport, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Accessibility information (including parking, lactation rooms, service animals, wheelchair access, restrooms, etc) for the airport can be found on their website via the following links: 

Wheel Chair Accessible Transport from the Airport to the Hotel can be found at:

TSA Help Line: 1-866-289-9673

TSA provides a “TSA Help Line” to assist travelers planning to fly on any airline in the United States. TSA Cares is a helpline to assist travelers with disabilities and medical conditions. TSA recommends that passengers call 72 hours ahead of travel for information about what to expect during screening. 


The 2021 ASHE Conference and headquarters hotel will be the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino on Convention Boulevard, San Juan. All accessibility information for the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino can be found on the website at:

Hotel reservations must be made through the ASHE portal at Through this registration process, you will be able to request an accessible room as well as add comments for the hotel staff.


Meeting spaces are located on one floor of the hotel and are accessible via elevator, escalator, and stairs. 

Nursing Room

A nursing room will be available during the ASHE conference. More information will be provided in October.

All Gender Restrooms

All Gender Restrooms: ASHE recognizes that single-gender restrooms reinforce a binary understanding of sex assigned at birth and/or gender expression and thus exclude some ASHE members. To be consistent with ASHE’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity, many of our headquarters hotels’ restrooms, which are usually assigned as “men’s” and “women’s,” are converted to All-Gender Restrooms in an attempt to alleviate the fear of harassments and threats to individual users. Throughout the conference, restrooms at the Sheraton will be All Gender Restrooms and available to all conference participants inclusive of gender identity and expression. All-Gender Restrooms will be clearly marked with signs outside of each restroom entrance.  More information will be provided in October.


In creating menus, ASHE strives to ensure there are a variety of acceptable food preference options. If you have specific food allergies or dietary restrictions, please include this on your registration form. If menu options do not meet a conference attendee’s dietary needs, please notify any hotel server and they can provide an alternative option.


When you register for ASHE 2021, you will be able to type in your gender pronouns. These will appear on your printed name badge. ASHE's values of diversity, inclusion, and equity call upon us all to be mindful of and use others' gender pronouns. More information on why this is important can be found at Using Personal Pronouns.


The ASHE Presidential Address as well as the two keynote addresses will be live captioned.