Mentoring Award

The ASHE Board honors the noteworthy contributions made by one of our members in mentoring developing scholars in our organization. Mentoring is an essential component in the success of our field. Outstanding mentors are willing to share their knowledge to enhance the scholarly, professional, and personal development of others in our organization. Recipients of the ASHE Mentoring Award will have made extraordinary and sustained contributions to the professional and scholarly development of emerging scholars in ASHE and in the field of higher education. We seek nominations for individuals who have shown, through their mentoring activities, a tireless dedication to the future of ASHE and our profession. 


ASHE Mentoring Award Recipients:

  • 2018 James Earl Davis
  • 2017 Roger G. Baldwin
  • 2016 Audrey J. Jaeger
  • 2015 Alberto F. Cabrera
  • 2014 Stephen L. DesJardins
  • 2013 Peter Magolda
  • 2012 Patricia M. McDonough
  • 2011 Sharon Fries-Britt
  • 2010 Alexander W. Astin & Helen S. Astin
  • 2009 Marilyn Amey