"ASHE at 50" Strategic Plan

ASHE at 50:
Our Association's Strategic Plan, 2020-2026

The Mission of ASHE: “The primary mission of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) is to foster scholarly inquiry of the highest standards of excellence for the purpose of increasing knowledge about and the understanding of higher education.”

ASHE at 50: To achieve this mission, the ASHE Board of Directors has begun a strategic planning process to bring us through our 50th anniversary in 2026. 
ASHE Board Members and volunteers will be leading various workgroups over the next few months to discuss where we've been and where we are as well as help to shape where we're going.

January ASHE Executive Committee develops outline, framework
February Board approves outline and framework
Workgroups Call For Volunteers sent to membership
March Workgroups & Advisory Groups selected
April Workgroups begin work
May Membership Assessment
June Workgroups report at Summer Board Meeting
Online Town Hall Meetings
July Finalize Workgroup reports/plans
August Initial proposal developed by Executive Committee
September Board and Committee Review; Update as needed
October Finalize for Board approval
November ASHE at 50 presented to membership at annual conference
Workgroup Guidelines/Timeline
  • March 8: Workgroup Member applications due
  • Late March: Leads select members and notifications sent out
  • By April 12: First Workgroup meeting (Goal: Outline charge and assigns task)
  • By May 9: Second Workgroup meeting (Goal: All report on progress and assign follow-up task)
  • June 6 :Third Workgroup meeting during Summer Board Meeting using Zoom break room functionality (Goal: See what others are doing. Use time to begin final drafts of deliverables.)
  • July 31: Final Workgroup reports due
 Workgroup Deliverables
  • Review of current ASHE activities, projects (up to 500 words)
    • SWOT-type analysis
  • 5 measurable goals to be achieved over the next 6 years
    • 2-3 measures per goal
  • Financial Impact statement (up to 250 words)
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity impact statement (up to 250 words)
  • Operational Impact statement (up to 250 words)
Conference: This Workgroup will explore how our annual conference can be both professionally and socially fulfilling for members.
  • Co-Lead: KerryAnn O'Maera, ASHE President-Elect
  • Co-Lead: Genia Bettencourt, ASHE Graduate Student Representative
  • Heather Rowan-Kenyon
  • Jillian Reading
  • Kevin McClure
  • Shannon Calderone
  • Monica Masino
  • James Hines, ASHE Conference Coordinator
Publications: This Workgroup will explore how our Association disseminates knowledge through publications such as The Review of Higher Education and the Higher Education Report series.
  • Lead: Kimberly Griffin, ASHE Board Member at Large
  • Elsa M Gonzalez
  • Sharon L Holmes
  • Sydney Freeman, Jr. 
  • Jessica Harris
Professional Development: This Workgroup will explore how our Association can enhance the careers of members through professional development opportunities.
  • Lead: Joy Gaston Gayles, ASHE Board Member at Large
  • Dante Salto
  • Deryl Hatch-Tocaimaza
  • Jody Jessup-Anger
  • Lisa Melanie Rubin
  • Tiffani Riggers-Piehl 
Graduate Students: The Workgroup will explore how our Association can support the learning and socialization of graduate students.
  • Co-Lead: Cecilia Rios-Aguilar, ASHE Board Member at Large
  • Co-Lead: Karen Bussey, ASHE Graduate Student Representative
  • Cheryl Ching
  • Cristal Almonte
  • Katalin Szelenyi
  • Monica Christina Esqueda 
Voice/External Relations: This Workgroup will explore how our Association can be the leading scholarly voice on the topic of higher education.
  • Lead: Liliana Garces, ASHE Board Member at Large
  • Antonio Duran
  • Joy Blanchard
  • Lisa Wolf-Wendel
  • Paul Rubin 
Organizational Structure: This Workgroup will explore the role our Associations four Councils as well as "special interest groups."
  • Lead: Kevin Kinser, ASHE Organizational Structure Committee Chair
  • Dennis Kramer
  • Jarrett Gupton
  • Laura Perna
Values: This Workgroup will explore how our Associations and our members upholds values espoused through our Ethical Principles, Conflict of Interest policies, as well as our commitment to diversity, inclusion.
  • Co-Lead: Karen Miksch, ASHE Legal Counsel
  • Co-Lead: Lori Patton Davis, ASHE Immediate Past President
  • Robin Zape-tah-hol-ah Minthorn
  • Sergio A. Gonzalez
  • Victoria K. Malaney Brown
Financial Sustainability: This Workgroup will be explore the role of our Association's finances in each of the goals developed by other Workgroups.
  • Co-Lead: Jeffrey Sun, ASHE Budget Chair
  • Co-Lead: Noah Drezner, ASHE Advancement and Fundraising Committee Chair
  • David Nguyen 
  • Magdalena Martinez
  • Ken Redd
  • Michael L. Nichols
  • Anna Schlia
  • Katherine Wheatle 
Assessment: This Workgroup will be responsible for hosting online town hall style meetings and/or other events/projects to ensure broad membership input into the overall process.
  • Lead: Juanita Jasso Hinojosa, ASHE Intern