Pre-Conference Forum on College Athletics

Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Tentative Time: 8:45am-12:00pm Central/Minneapolis Time
Hilton Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Information for the 2023 Pre-Conference Forum on College Athletics will be announced by August 2023.

2022 Pre-Conference Information Humanizing Higher Education’s Legal & Legislative Issues In Intercollegiate Athletics

As we convene the forum in 2022, college athletics faces a new era in athlete rights. Pushed by a wave of state laws, universities and the main governing body of intercollegiate sports–the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)–can no longer restrict college athletes’ rights to their Name, Image, and Likeliness (NIL). The recent supreme court decision, Alston v. NCAA, removed restrictions on educational expenses and called for congress to consider passing legislation to pave the way for direct payment for athletes. The National Labor Relations Board reversed its decision to restrict football players’ rights to unionize, signaling an openness to new claims for revenue athletes to collectively organize. These legal changes coincide with a renewed attention–at TItle IX’s 50th anniversary–to the persistent gender inequalities across college sports. Notably, an intersectional analysis of this law reveals that white, middle-class women remain the primary beneficiaries of Title IX. The shifting legal landscape of college sports has brought renewed public and political interest to reform university athletic programs. Yet, the pressure facing colleges and universities to create equitable and diverse athletic programs could lead to reactive and short-sided actions, worsening existing crises and exploitation of college athletes.

This session is for:
  • Scholars of Higher Education
  • Campus Practitioners
  • College Athletics Administrators & Staff
Attendees of this session will:
  1. Understand how these important legal issues, current college athletics cases and how they apply broadly to higher education
  2. Learn how to interpret these decisions for their socio-cultural and socio-historical impact on college students, athletes, and campuses.
  3. Apply this new understanding to research, teaching, and/or campus policies and decision-making in college sports.
  • 8:45 Sign in and Networking
  • 9:00am  Welcome, Introductory Remarks, and Preparation for the Day
    • Legal Impact Activity
    • Break 
    • Table Discussions, ForumDebrief
    • Next Steps and Closing Remarks
  • 12:00pm Session End
The purpose of the ASHE forum on intercollegiate athletics is to bring attendees together in a discussion on the role of college sports in higher education. Participants in this forum will examine current topics through the conference theme, build scholarly connections at any stage of their academic journey, and advance research and policy on college sports within the ASHE community.

2022 Event Chairs

Jennifer Hoffman
University of Washington

Guillermo Ortega

Molly Harry

Please feel free to reach out to the event chair with questions about the content of the event. Questions about registration or event logistics can be directed to the ASHE Office at (202) 660-4106 or

Now in its 13th year, the ASHE Forum on Intercollegiate Athletics engages the ASHE community on the issues of the relationship between intercollegiate athletics and higher education. For more information, contact Jennifer Hoffman in the Center for Leadership in Athletics.

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