Pre-Conference Forum on College Athletics

The Future of Athletics in Higher Education Research and Practice
Wednesday, November 15, 2023,
1:00pm-4:15pm Central/Minneapolis Time
Hilton Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN

ASHE Athletics invites ASHE community members to attend the inaugural ASHE Athletics business meeting. This meeting will discuss the current state of research on college athletics in higher education. Attendees will learn about strategies to support higher education research that centers on college athletics and about upcoming professional development events hosted by ASHE Athletics. The session will conclude with an overview of ASHE Athletics’ strategic vision for growth and opportunities to get involved with the group in the future.

This session is for:

  • Scholars of Higher Education
  • Campus Practitioners
  • College Athletics Administrators & Staff

2023 Registration Rates

**Rates Apply for the ASHE Forum on Intercollegiate Athletics Pre-Conference Only.**
Other Pre-conference and registrations rates may differ. Registration blocks close at 11:59pm Central/Minneapolis Time on the indicated date.

ASHE Forum on Intercollegiate Athletics Registration Early Registration
(until 8/5/23)

Regular Registration
(8/6/23 - 10/15/23)

Late Registration
ASHE Member 20 25 35
Graduate Student Member 0 0 15
Non-Member 35 35 45


2023 Event Chairs

Please feel free to reach out to the event chair with questions about the content of the event. If you have technical or logistical questions about registration or the pre-conference:

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