Board of Directors

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KerryAnn O’Meara
University of Maryland


Immediate Past President 
Kristen Renn
Michigan State University


D-L Stewart
Colorado State University


At-Large Member 
Liliana Garces
University of Texas at Austin


At-Large Member 
Joy Gaston Gayles
North Carolina State University


At-Large Member 
Gina Garcia
University of Pittsburgh


At-Large Member 
Judy Marquez Kiyama
University of Denver


Graduate Student Member 
Karen Bussey
Howard University 


Graduate Student Member 
Stephanie Aguilar-Smith


Legal Counsel - ex officio 
Karen Miksch 
University of Minnesota


Executive Director - ex officio 
Jason P. Guilbeau


CPPHE Chair- ex officio 
Jason Taylor


CIHE Chair- ex officio 
Hugo Garcia
Texas Tech University


CEP Chair- ex officio 
Kandace Hinton

Indiana State University   


CAHEP Chair- ex officio 
MaryBeth Walpole
Rowan University


Budget Chair- ex officio 
Jeffrey Sun 
University of Louisville


Publications Chair- ex officio 
Lisa Lattuca 
University of Michigan


Fundraising Chair- ex officio 
Noah Drezner
Teachers College, Columbia University

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