CAHEP Executive Committee



Email Address

MaryBeth Walpole, Chair

Rowan University

V. Barbara Bush, Vice Chair

University of North Texas

Sarah Rodriguez, Secretary

Iowa State University

Daniel Chen, Finance Chair

George Mason University

Crystal Chambers, Pre-Conference Program Chair

East Carolina University

Gloria Crisp, Early Career Faculty Workshop Chair

Oregon State University

Beth Bukoski, Communications Chair

University of Texas at Austin


Executive Committee 


The Chair oversees the various functions of the Council and to report and communicate with the Board of the Association on the needs of Higher Education programs and Council programs and activities. In consultation with the Vice Chair, the Chair prepares the agenda for the annual meeting of the Council and sends to the Board bi-annual reports with regard to Council programs and activities.


The Vice Chair will be responsible for the Barbara Townsend Lecture at the annual meeting. The Vice Chair fulfills the responsibilities of the Chair in the absence of the Chair. 


The Secretary records the proceedings at the annual business meeting and the meetings of the Executive Council throughout the year.

Finance Officer 

This position develops and maintains a budget for the operation of the Council. The Finance Chair prepares an annual budget request to the Council.

Program Advancement Chair(s) 

This position chairs a committee composed of interested members of the Council to promote the enrichment of teaching and learning experiences of students and faculty of higher education degree programs. The Program Chair is responsible for the program of the annual meeting of the Council with the exception of the Barbara Townsend Lecture and the Early Career Workshop.

Communications Chair 

This position is responsible for managing and updating the CAHEP website and the program directory. The Communications Chair develops a communications plan for Executive Committee consideration by February 1 of each year. 

Nominations Chair 

Previous CAHEP Chair serves as chair of the Nominations Committee. Nominations Committee chair is responsible for convening a committee to develop a slate of officers for CAHEP body consideration and voting at the annual CAHEP business meeting at ASHE. Nominations Committee Chair is also responsible for ensuring that appropriate by-law revision language related to nomination processes is relayed to the Bylaws Committee Chair by March 1.

Early Career Workshop Chair

This position is responsible for the planning and execution of the Early Career Workshop held as part of the ASHE pre-conference. The Chair works with the Program Chair to ensure a smooth transition from the Workshop to the pre-conference program.

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