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ASHE CAHEP Barbara Townsend Lecture

Barbara Townsend served as the ASHE Executive Director and on many other committees, to improve the study of higher education for her higher education colleagues. Barbara was particularly well known for her research on community colleges, feminist studies, doctoral education, and higher education programs. In 1995, Barbara, Les Goodchild, and Bob Hendrickson co-founded the Council for the Advancement of Higher Education Programs (CAHEP). CAHEP and the larger ASHE community wanted to recall her spirit and enthusiasm for higher education programs annually with a lecture series in her honor. 

CAHEP welcomes nominations for a lecture and lecturer that focus on community colleges, feminist studies, doctoral education, and/or higher education programs.

Call For Nominations

Nominations are for the 2021 award will open in May 2021.

To submit a nomination you will need:

  • Name, Title, Position, Institution, Email, and Phone Number of Nominator

  • Name, Title, Position, Institution, Email, and Phone Number of Nominee

  • Information to type or paste into a text box on the nominations form (no more than 500 words) which includes:

    • A statement as to how the nominated lecture and lecturer have implications for higher education programs and administration, gender in higher education, or leadership in community colleges.
    • A short biography addressing the nominee’s higher education professional background and past involvement in ASHE.

2020 Barbara Townsend Lecture:
Xueli Wang, University of Wisconsin—Madison


2019 Sarah Rodriguez, Texas A&M University-Commerce
"Finding Voice and Power as La Profesora: Reimagining Higher Education Programs as Sites of Resistance"

2018 Jaime Lester, George Mason University
"Gender Trouble in Community Colleges: Constructing a New Definition of Democracy's College"

2017 Pamela L. Eddy, The College of William and Mary
"Community College Leadership Frontires: Scouting and Developing Talent

2016 Kelly A. Ward, Washington State University
"Higher Education Leadership: Perspectives from the Pipeline"

2016 Lisa Wolf-Wendel, University of Kansas 
"Higher Education Leadership: Perspectives from the People"

2015 Noah Drezner, Teachers College-Columbia Universit

2014 John S. Levin, University of California, Riverside 
"Playing the Field: The Qualitative Researcher in the Community College"

2013 Linda Serra Hagedorn, Iowa State University

2012 Robert M. Hendrickson, Pennsylvania State University

2011 Edward St. John, University of Michigan Algo

2010 Anna Neumann, Teachers College-Columbia University