CAHEP Nominations 2023

The CAHEP Nominations Committee invites applications for the various upcoming vacancies. For all these positions we seek individuals who will provide outstanding leadership to an association committed to advancing excellent research and scholarship across the multiple and varied domains of higher education and contributing to the national discourse by linking higher education research and scholarship to policy and practice.

The CAHEP Nominations Committee is charged with creating a slate of candidates that considers the vast diversity of ideas and perspectives, backgrounds and values, communities and commitments that our association represents, seeking leadership attentive to all.


  • CAHEP Mid-Career Faculty Workshop Chair (January 2024-January 2027): The individual who is elected to this position will serve a three-year term beginning November 2023.  This position is responsible for the planning and execution of the Mid-Career Workshop, which occurs in January.
  • CAHEP Early Career Faculty Workshop Chair (January 2024-January 2027): The individual who is elected to this position will serve a three-year term beginning November 2023. This position is responsible for the planning and execution of the Early Career Workshop, which occurs in January
  • CAHEP Program Chair (November 2023-November 2026): The individual who is elected to this position will serve a three-year term beginning November 2023. The Program Chair will chair a committee composed of interested members of the Council to promote the enrichment of teaching and learning experiences of students and faculty of higher education degree programs. The Program Chair is responsible for the program of the annual meeting of the Council with the exception of the Barbara Townsend Lecture, the Early Career Workshop, and the Mid-Career Workshop.

To submit an application:

Applicants must submit their own application form

The applicant must be a current member of the Association at the time of application. The applicant, if elected, must remain a member throughout their time of service.

A completed application, submitted through the link below, will include the following:
  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Organization/Institution
  • Please list your current/previous involvement with ASHE. List as: Position, Group, Year (e.g., Member, Dissertation of the Year Committee, 2018-2021; Attendee, Annual Conference, 2019; Discussant, Annual Conference, 2018)
  • Please list your current/previous involvement with other associations/organizations related to your nominated role. List as Position/Group, Organization, Year (e.g., Program Chair, Division J, AERA, 2017; Board President, ACPA, 2019)
  • In the space provide, provide a 250 word maximum candidate statement, written in third person. While there aren't necessarily restrictions on what you write, we encourage you to devote about half of the space to info about yourself and half to your vision for your position or the Association.
  • Agreement to ASHE Policies: Applicants will be required to review and agree to uphold various policies of ASHE including membership policies, ethics policies, conflict of interest policies, and diversity policies.
  • Letter of Support (uploaded as a PDF): Applicants should upload a letter of support from an ASHE colleague summarizing the qualifications of the applicant for the role, including the applicant's prior professional contributions to the field of higher education, to ASHE, and to other professional organizations. Thoughts about what the individual is positioned to contribute to ASHE through the term of service also will be greatly valued. One letter should be submitted per applicant.
  • CV (uploaded as a PDF): Please include the applicant's CV.​

Thank you for your interest. Nominations closed on April 21, 2023.

Timeline & Process:

  • Applicants must be received no later than April 21,12:00pm (noon) Pacific Time.
  • Nominations committees will create a slate of nominees in the month of May and follow up with applicants and nominees.
  • The ASHE Executive Director will coordinate the election for the board of directors and council executive committees in the month of July/August.
  • Results will be announced to the ASHE members in late August.
  • Those elected will assume their role at the close of the ASHE 2022 Conference.

Nominations Committee:

If you have any questions, please contact ASHE Executive Director Dr. Jason Guilbeau at Potential applicants are also welcome and encouraged to set up an informational one-on-one meeting with Jason at

ASHE Nominations Committee members are required to uphold the ASHE Conflict of Interest Policy; Ethical Policies; and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy to ensure a fair process. Questions about these policies can be directed to ASHE Executive Director Dr. Jason Guilbeau at
CAHEP Nominations Committee
  • Jodi Linley, University of Iowa (Chair)
  • Vicki Baker, Albion College
  • Amy Collinsworth, University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • Ericka Roland, University of Texas Arlington