CAHEP Pre-Con Forum

Thursday, November 12, 2020
10:00am-4:15pm Central/New Orleans Time
Event will be held Virtually

The mission of CAHEP is to enrich the teaching and learning experiences of graduate students and faculty in the Association's constituent Higher Education Programs within North America and around the world. Towards that end, the purpose of the CAHEP Pre-Conference is to facilitate the exchange among program coordinators/directors, faculty, students, and other interested members of the Association.


Thursday, November 12- Council for the Advancement of Higher Education Programs  (CAHEP) Pre-Conference
Welcome 10:00am-10:15am
Breakout Session 10:15am-11:30am
Breakout Session 12:00pm-1:15pm
Breakout Session 1:30pm-3:00pm
Business Meeting 3:15pm-4:15pm

Find the full schedule for the 2020 CAHEP Pre-Conference by clicking the button below:

The ASHE Office will send out more information about the virtual conference platform in October.


  Regular  Registration
11:59 PM PT
Late Registration  
12:00 PM PT
Current Member
$20 $35
$35 $60

2020 Call For Proposals

Deadline: May 1, 2020, Noon Pacific

In keeping with this year’s theme of Advancing Full Participation, CAHEP seeks proposals to present research and scholarly papers or facilitate roundtables and symposia that promote inclusion and social justice through higher education program development. Towards this end we welcome conference proposals that philosophically, practically, and/or empirically address the following:

  • New, innovative, or creative approaches to program delivery and structure (including but not exclusive to teaching, curriculum, learning, mentoring) that emphasize inclusion and social justice;
  • Effective practice related to higher education program outcomes as related to inclusion and social justice (including but not exclusive to EdD and PhD programming, master’s education, internships, comprehensive exams, advancements in dissertation and other products of higher education graduate programming);
  • Advances in the preparation of higher education leaders, public policy advocates, and teacher-scholars; and
  • Inclusive approaches to the recruitment, education, career development, and retention of students, faculty, staff, and administration within higher education as a field of study.

Proposal formats accepted:

  • Research Paper
  • Scholarly Paper
  • Interactive Symposium
  • Self-Designed Paper Session
  • Roundtable


CAHEP Pre-Conference Chair:
Crystal R. Chambers- East Carolina University,