CEP Committee Charges

CEP Awards Committee

The CEP awards committee will oversee the entire awards process beginning with the announcement of the award application deadline through the presenting of the awards at the ASHE Conference.

  • Announce the awards
  • Develop and revise rubric for selecting award recipients
  • Select recipients
  • Plan and present awards
  • Revise the award description and rubric as needed with the approval of the ASHE Board
  • Announce the award recipients on the ASHE website at the CEP link

Research Awards Committee

The Research Awards committee will write proposals with the approval of the ASHE Board to secure funds for small research grants for CEP scholars who are conducting research on underrepresented populations.

  • Design a process for the distribution of funds once they have been secured with the approval of the ASHE Board

CEP Mentor-Protégé Committee

The CEP Mentor-Protégé committee will oversee the CEP Mentor–Protégé program.

  • Recruit new mentors and protégés from within CEP and ASHE in general
  • Update the website description of the program
  • Meet with Mentor-Protégé program participants at ASHE
  • Conduct a formative evaluation of the program

CEP By-Laws Committee

The CEP By-Laws committee will review the CEP By-laws to determine if they are aligned with both the ASHE By-laws and the purpose of CEP.

  • Conduct a periodic review (including the CEP election process)
  • Submit recommendations for changes in the By-laws to the CEP cabinet for review
  • All By-law revisions will be reviewed by the CEP cabinet and submitted to the CEP membership for adoption.

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