CEP Pre-Con Forum

Friday, October 29, 2021

This event will be held virtually. See https://www.ashe.ws/2021updates for more information.


Theme: Disciplinary Cartographies of Higher Education Praxis

In the liminal space between the land and the sea, the shoal emerges. Spatially, the shoal is a place of contact and encounter, “friction, and interaction among land and water” (Levan, 2012, pp. 211-212); a place where the movement of the ocean shifts from deeper to shallow depth. In her writings on the shoal, King (2019) reads the shoal as an interstitial, analytic, and methodological space, constituting moments of gather and assembly for frames conventionally sutured. The shoal, for King (2019), creates rupture. We understand CEP as a metaphorical shoal for geographic reordering and Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) placemaking in higher education.
The primary purpose of CEP, as stated in its by-laws, is to facilitate the participation of scholars from ethnically and racially minoritized groups in the affairs of the Association. The CEP Pre-
Conference Forum consists of two components: (1) the presentation of research/scholarly papers, roundtables, poster, and symposia and (2) the CEP Mentor-Protégé Program, which provides mentoring/professional development sessions (Note: Applications for mentors and proteges will be available through the ASHE website in late summer 2021).
The ASHE General Conference program will include sessions focused on race and ethnicity, as well as other aspects of diversity and equity. The CEP Pre-Conference Forum is distinct from the General Conference. It offers opportunities for attendees to focus intensively, extensively, and specifically on issues of race, ethnicity, and racism, and the intersections of racism with other interlocking systems of oppression. It recognizes the urgency of not only decentering whiteness, but imagining other ways of being and knowing that deliberately attend to the needs, dreams, and desires of BIPOC.
Following the 2021 theme, CEP is a space of convergence, bridging critical theories and thoughtful praxis; it is an alternative space to think through settler colonial capture and the conceptual constraints that reproduce these practices in higher education; it is a site of creativity that invites new questions, embodied rhythms, and tools that might chart liberatory futures even as they contend with anti-Blackness and interlocking systems of oppression. Thus, we invite scholars to consider,

  1. In study with and support of BIPOC in higher education, what new modes of insight, intervention, and critique are made possible at the convergence of BIPOC histories, epistemologies, and methodologies?
  2. What shifts, departures, and unsettlings does BIPOC thought and aesthetics require of institutional practice, research procedures, and policy in the higher education context?

The CEP Pre-Conference Forum peer review process reflects high expectations of rigor and quality. Sessions selected are those that expand, challenge, and shift the field’s thinking,  practice, and praxis. We welcome proposals that engage in analyses of white supremacy, settler colonialism, and ethnocentrism through systemic lenses. Proposals which confront racism with other interlocking structures of marginalization and privilege (e.g., social class, ability, sex assigned at birth, gender identity and expression, sexuality, religion/spirituality/faith, and global/transnational) are especially encouraged.
Proposal formats accepted

Research Paper Yes
Scholarly Paper Yes
Interactive Symposium Yes
Self- Designed Paper Session Yes
Performance, Visual, and Digital Scholarship Yes
Roundtable Yes
Poster Yes

2021 Tentative Schedule

Friday, October 29
Welcome 9:00am-10:00am
Breakout Sessions 10:15am-11:30am
Breakout Sessions 11:45am-1:00pm
Breakout Sessions 1:30pm-2:45pm
Breakout Sessions 3:00pm-4:15pm
Business Meeting 4:30pm-6:00pm

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Registration for the 2021 CEP Pre-Conference will open in May 2021.


2021 CEP Pre-Conference Program Co-Chairs:
Lucy Arellano, lucy.arellano@ttu.edu
Wilson Okello, okellow@uncw.edu

If you have technical or logistical questions about submitting a proposal or the pre-conference:

  • Email ASHE Conference Staff at conference@ashe.ws
  • Call the ASHE Office at (702) 895-2737