2020 Chair Resources

Serving as a Chair during the ASHE Conference is an important task that ensures session participants are involved in a well-managed session. The Chair is responsible for assisting the presenters and Discussant before and during the session. For the Virtual Conference, the overall responsibilities of session chairs remain fairly the same. Chairs will support the discussant and presenters by keeping time, organizing the session, and providing structure to the session. We have developed a variety of resources to support Chairs as you prepare for your sessions.

There are a variety of resources which will be helpful to the chair role, depending on your session type:

  1. Paper Presentation
  2. Interactive Symposium
  3. Performance Visual and Digital Scholarship (PVDS)

Session Chairs for Paper and PVDS sessions may also want to review the Discussant Resources and/or attend (or watch the recording of) the Discussant Webinar.

Session Chair (All Formats) Training Video


If you have any questions, about these session Chair resources, please contact  ASHE Conference Coordinator James Hines.