CIHE Members' Recent Publications

CIHE Members' Recent Publications

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May 2019

Handbook of Comparative Studies on Community Colleges & Global Counterparts. Edited by Rosalind Latiner Raby and Edward J. Valeau. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer

Oleksiyenko, A, Ruan, N. Intellectual leadership and academic communities: Issues for discussion and research. Higher Educ Q. 2019; 00: 1– 13.

Shelton, L. J. & Yao, C. W. (2019). Early Career Professionals’ Perceptions of Higher Education and Student Affairs Graduate Programs: Preparation to Work With International Students. Journal of College Student Development 60(2), 156-172.

Study Abroad Opportunities for Community College Students and Strategies for Global Learning . Edited by Gregory Malveaux and Rosalind Latiner Raby. Hersey: PA (IGI-Global)

March 2019
Castiello-Gutiérrez, S. (2018). Movilidad estudiantil en América del Norte [Student Mobility in North America] in A. Maldonado-Maldonado (2018) Patlani: Encuesta Nacional de Movilidad Estudiantil Internacional de México 2014/2015 y 2015/2016. Mexico City, MX: ANUIES

Castiello-Gutiérrez, S.; Valdez, G.; Manley-Casimir, S. (2018). La internacionalización de la educación superior en América del Norte: Retos y desafíos a 25 años de la integración regional [The internationalization of higher education in North America: challenges after 25 years of regional integration]. Educación Global (22) 98-106

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García, H. A., McNaughtan, J., *Eicke, D., *Li, X., & *Leong, M.C. (2019). Is there a difference?: International students in community colleges. In K. Bista (Ed). Global Perspectives on International Student Experiences in Higher Education: Tensions and Issues. New York: Routledge Publication.

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