CIHE International Scholars Workshop

*Nominations/applications will open on July 1.

In 2019, the Council of International Higher Education (CIHE) International Scholar Workshop was launched as a response to the ASHE’s call to reimagine the study of higher education and our collective professional work. At that time, a particularly critical question was, “How we mentor researchers along professional trajectories in and outside the academy?” (ASHE 2019 CFP, p. 2). We observed that the academic experience of international scholars in the U.S. was nuanced and differed from any other marginalized or invisible populations.  During its inaugural year, the workshop aimed at foregrounding this nuanced experience by emphasizing that international scholars had been facing numerous and unique pressures to be successful as graduate students and early-career faculty. The diverse group of the panelists and participants shared their insights and experiences of how they maintained an oftentimes prescribed research agenda, navigated between and within various identities that could extend beyond their nationality, and dealt with complex and nowadays politically-charged immigration and visa policies, which could be a sole factor determining the post-graduation career choices and academic career success in the U.S. (Peri, Basso, & McElmurry, 2016; Zong & Batalova, 2018).

Little we knew last year that the context of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic would only enlarge stratified academic experiences and might add novel sociopolitical and psychosocial challenges for international scholars in the U.S. For example, the media outlets USA Today (Durrani, 2020; Schnell, 2020) and Chronicle of Higher Education (Fischer, 2020) highlight some of the immediate challenges, including international students’ and scholars’ feelings of being away from families and being quarantined on abandoned campuses or traveling under the risk of not returning to their programs of study or academic careers in the U.S. Long-term challenges, such as travel restrictions, delayed visa and immigration services, postponed research projects, job market constraints also call for attention. Thus, in this unprecedented context of COVID-19 and with the alignment of the 2020 conference theme Advancing Full Participation, particularly critical questions for this workshop in 2020 become, “What are the prospects for advancing a full participation of international scholars in academia and job market/s? What are the coping strategies to tackle the old and new challenges facing international scholars? What systematic and cultural shifts are needed in the field of higher education for international scholars to cease being the “other”?

The target audience of this workshop are doctoral students, recent graduates, post-docs, and early career faculty from international backgrounds.While the workshop is proposed under the umbrella of CIHE, it is important to acknowledge that not all international doctoral students and early career faculty are affiliated with research agendas related to international issues and topics. Hence, the recruitment for participation in this program should focus on members of CIHE as well as members of ASHE general conference. We also invite faculty advisors who supervise international doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows.
To draw from this larger population, we propose that faculty, chairs, and academic programs nominate potential participants for this workshop from their pool of advanced doctoral students, post-docs, visiting or adjunct faculty, and early career faculty. Self-nominations are also acceptable. To [self]nominate, nominators or nominees will complete a short form via Qualtrics to indicate potential participants’ current academic standing and role, career objectives, and expectations for participation in the proposed workshop. The workshop organizers will review these nomination forms to select 25 participants whose nominations are most closely aligned with the purpose of the workshop.

Planning Committee

  • Zarrina Talan Azizova (University of North Dakota)
  • Jeongeun Kim (Arizona State University)
  • Milad Mohebali (University of Iowa)
  • Antigoni Papadimitriou (Johns Hopkins University)

Date and Time

  • Thursday, November 19th 
  • 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

2019 Schedule

The 2020 schedule will be available in early Fall. However, the 2019 schedule provides insight about what to expect from this workshop.

Registration Fees

  • Graduate Student $35 (ASHE member)
  • Early Career $45 (ASHE member)
  • Non-Member: $55


  • Applications Open: July 1
  • Applications Close: September 15, Noon Pacific
  • Notifications: September 25
  • Registration and Payment Deadline: October 15

Nomination Information
*Self-nominations are accepted
To complete the nomination form, you will need the following:
  • Nominator's Name, Organization, Role, Email, Phone Number
  • Nominee's Name, Organization, Role, Email, Phone Number, Country of Origin
  • Answers to the following question:
    • Applicant’s Statement of Expectations for this Workshop (75 words limit).
*Nominations/applications will open on July 1.