Committee Membership


Total number of Board Members = 11*
[10 Voting & 1 Ex-Officio (Legal Counsel)]

  • One director elected each year to a three-year term:

President-Elect, President, Immediate Past President 

  • Two directors elected each year to a two-year term:

Four Members-at-Large

  • One student director elected each year:

Two Student members

  • One executive director appointed by the Board:

Every third year for a three-year term

  • One Legal Counsel appointed by the Board:

Serves at the pleasure of the directors

In 2002, an Executive Director was hired. The Executive Director is a non-voting member of the Board.


2018 ASHE Program Committee

List of ASHE Committees and Open Spots for 2018


"The Board of Directors or President shall appoint chairpersons to coordinate the function of all committees by the board." (Article V, Section 7, e) See ASHE Bylaws.

1. Executive Committee: Comprised of President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Executive Director, Legal Counsel

Can act for the Board between annual meetings

2. Budget Committee: A Standing Committee

(Procedures for selecting chair not specified in By-Laws)

  • One first-year Board Member

  • One second-year board Member

  • One Board member appointed by the President

  • Executive Director (ex-officio, without vote)

Terms of committee members not specified in By-Laws
Makes recommendations to the Board about future budgets
Conducts financial analysis
Recommends financial policies

3. Nominating Committee: A Standing Committee

  • Chair - Immediate Past President

  • No fewer than four members appointed by the President from members of the organization (to include one person from each category of membership. Note: This was interpreted by Wally Hobbs in 2000 to be regular and student categories)

Nominates not fewer than a sufficient number of persons plus one for each elective category of Board membership (interpreted by Wally Hobbs in 2000 to be (a) at least two President-elect; (b) at least three Members-at-Large; (c) at least two graduate students -- per annual election)

4. Publications Committee: A Standing Committee of the board, but as of May, 2000, not specified in the ASHE By-Laws (below is from ASHE Publications Committee Guidelines as ratified by the ASHE Board of Directors, November 3, 1991)

Oversees the current publications program of the Association (The Review of Higher Education, ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report Series, and ASHE Reader Series).

Advises the ASHE Board of Directors and President on possible new publications and other publications related issues.

  • Chair selected by ASHE President for a three-year term

  • Five Regular Members:

  1. ASHE Immediate Past-President

  2. Three ASHE members, nominated by the Publications committee and appointed by the ASHE Board of Directors for staggered three-year terms

  3. One Graduate student member, nominated by the Publications Committee and appointed by the ASHE Board of Directors for a two-year term

  • Three Ex-Officio Members:

  1. Editor of the Review of Higher Education

  2. Editor of the ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report Series

  3. Editor of the ASHE Reader Series

5. Ad Hoc Committees: Established by the Board of Directors to include a Membership Committee and a Site Selection Committee

An Ad Hoc committee must be established with a written charge specifying its assignment, the officer or body to whom report(s) should be submitted, and a date by which it would be dissolved or renewed.


Council on Public Policy in Higher Education
Council on Ethnic Participation
Council for the Advancement of Higher Education Programs
Council on International Higher Education 

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