Conference Committee

As the Annual Conference and related events continue to grow, coordination amongst the various committees and groups that impact the conference experience is imperative. As such, in-line with the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, a Conference Committee was created beginning in 2023 to ensure alignment amongst the various events and projects connected to the Annual Conference. The Conference Committee will serve to facilitate dialogue and communication amongst and between the various aspects of the annual conference.

Conference Committee Leadership Team

The Conference Committee will Leadership Team will meet monthly to facilitate dialogue and communication amongst the Conference sub-committees. The Conference Committee Leadership Team will include:

Conference Committee Chair

  • Leslie D. Gonzales (she/her), Michigan State University

Program Committee Co-Chairs

The ASHE 2023 Program Committee is responsible for soliciting, reviewing, and selecting proposals and volunteers for the 48th Annual Conference. Section Chairs will lead the review and selection of their respective sections
  • Co-Chairs:
  • Angela Boatman (she/her/hers), Boston College
  • Gerardo Blanco (he/him), Boston College
  • Members:
  • Matthew Witenstein, University of Dayton
    Jeongeun Kim ,University of Maryland
    Louise Michelle Vital, Lesley University
    Román Liera Montclair, State University
    Jessica Pesce, Harvard University
    Julie Posselt, University of Southern California
    Annie Wofford,  Florida State University
    Lisa Unangst, Empire State University
    Jorge Burmicky, Howard University
    Ishara Casellas Connors, Texas A&M University
    Cheryl Ching, University of Massachusetts Boston
    Carrie Kortegast, Northern Illinois University
    Christa Winkler, Mississippi State University
    Joseph Kitchen, University of Southern California
    Demetri Morgan, Loyola University Chicago
    Daniel Klasik, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Karina Salazar, University of Arizona
    Paul Eaton, Sam Houston State University
    Rachel Friedensen, St. Cloud State University
    Jonathan Lewis, uAspire
    Lydia Ross, Arizona State University
    Adam McCready, University of Connecticut
    Luis Leyva, Vanderbilt University - Peabody College of Education & Human Development
    Na Lor, Teachers College, Columbia University
    Natalie Youngbull, University of Oklahoma
    Stephany Cuevas, Chapman University
    Nathan Alleman, Baylor University
    Paul Rubin, University of Utah
    Candace Hall, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
    Erin Doran, Iowa State University
    Vijay Kanagala, Salem State University
    Nancy Acevedo, CSUSB
    Santiago Castiello, Seton Hall University
    Kevin McClure, University of North Carolina Wilmington
    Genia Bettencourt, University of Memphis
    Charles Davis, Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education
    Laura Smithers, University of Nevada, Reno
    Daniel Saunders, Florida International University

Local and Community Engagement Committee Co-Chairs

The Local and Community Engagement Committee (LCEC) will center Indigeneity, space, place, and people to engage with local Indigenous communities, local BIPOC communities, and higher education institutions in the location of the annual conference. The LCE Committee, along with ASHE the staff, will serve as liaisons between the membership and local community members, leaders, institutions, and organizations.
  • Co-Chairs:
  • Jameson D. Lopez (he/him/his; Quechan), University of Arizona
  • Jamaica DelMar (she/her), University of Arizona
  • Members:
  • Tabatha Cruz, University of Minnesota
    Stevie Lee, University of Denver
    Jameson Lopez, University of Arizona
    Brittany Anderson, American Indian Science and Engineering Society
    Roman Christiaens, University of Arizona
    Heather Haeger, University of Arizona
    Orkideh Mohajeri, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
    Travis Olson, Michigan State University
    Tiffany Smith, American Indian Science and Engineering Society

Attendee Engagement Committee Co-Chairs

The Attendee Engagement Committee will provide resources and opportunities for conference attendees to more fully engage with the conference and each other. The Committee, along with the ASHE staff, will serve as ambassadors of the Association for the continuum of first-time attendees to long-term attendees.
  • Co-Chairs:
  • Judy Marquez Kiyama (she/her), University of Arizona
  • Laila McCloud (she/her), Grand Valley State University
  • Members:
  • Shana Oates, University of Southern Mississippi
    Heather Shotton, Fort Lewis College
    Dana Michelle Harris, Rutgers University
    Liliana Diaz Solodukhin, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)

Accessibility Committee

The Accessibility Committee will support ASHE members and the ASHE staff in expanding accessibility of the General Conference.
  • Co-Chairs:
  • Daniel J. Blake (he/him), University of Pennsylvania
  • Emily R. Koren (she/her), University of Southern California
  • Kat J. Stephens-Peace (she/her, Allegheny College
  • Julie Rose Karpicz (she/her), University of California, Los Angeles
  • Members:
  • Jess Bank, North Carolina State University
    Amanda Paniagua, Bowling Green State University
    Cynthia Villarreal, Northern Arizona University
    Sarah Young, Trinity Washington University
    Dana Kanhai, Michigan State University

Wellness Committee Co-Chairs

This Wellness Committee will coordinate the various wellness events hosted during the annual conference. These can include the ASHE Dash, YogaASHE, and BarreBASHE. The committee will also create association-wide recommendations for wellness considerations.
  • Co-Chairs:
  • Amy E. Collinsworth (she/her), University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Liza A. Talusan (she/her/siya), University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Members:
  • Chinasa Elue, Kennesaw State University
    Kristina Hall-Michel, University of Massachusetts Boston
    Ra'Shaun Nalls, Harvard University
    Sara Nino Tufts, University; University of Massachusetts Boston
    Keneisha Harrington, Kennesaw State

ASHE Assistant Director of Conference and Events

  • Alicia Castillo Shrestha