CIHE Award

Award for Significant Research on International Higher Education

The Council for International Higher Education (CIHE) Executive Board is excited to announce its call for nominations for the 6th annual Award for Significant Research on International Higher Education.


The purpose of the CIHE Research Award is to recognize a highly significant research outcome in the field of international higher education. Unlike a lifetime achievement award, or an award that focuses on a particular form of research (e.g., a dissertation award), the CIHE Research Award is focused on state-of-the-art knowledge and scholarship, whether it is manifested in a journal article, book, edited volume, research initiative, or other top quality contribution wich significantly changed the existing thinking on a topic in the field.

In recognition of the diversity within and across our specialty – as well as the wide variety of scholarly traditions around the globe – all scholars conducting international higher education research are eligible for the CIHE Research Award. We welcome nominations of work published from 2015-2017. Self-nominations are highly encouraged, as are contributions by early career scholars.


Each year, the CIHE Chair appoints an awards committee, in close consultation with the Executive Board of CIHE, to solicit and accept letters of nomination. Because of the cyclical nature of research efforts, as well as the wide variety of potential projects deserving consideration, the awards committee has considerable discretion in determining both the relevance of the nominations and significance of impact on our field. CIHE awards committee members are not eligible to be nominated during the year in which they serve on the committee. The CIHE Research Awards will be conferred during the annual CIHE membership meeting, at the upcoming ASHE Annual Conference.

Award nominations will open on May 1, 2019.

Submission Process and Evaluation Criteria 

Nominations should articulate the contribution of the nominated individual, group, effort or organization involved, as well as the significance and implications of their research, in terms of a comparative and/or international perspective.
Each submission will be rated (scored) on a scale of 1 – 5 against each of the criteria below:

  • Relevance: The nominee's work builds on issues of interest in the field of comparative and/or international higher education.
  • Significance: The nominee’s work has demonstrated evidence of impact on research, practice, policy, and/or theory in the field of comparative and/or international higher education. Alternatively, the nominee’s work holds great potential to serve as a model for future research, or opens up new ways to conduct research or new research questions to explore.
  • Quality: The nominee’s work meets the highest standards in social sciences research. The Awards Committee will pay close attention to the scientific and methodological soundness of the contribution. In the case of published contributions, the writing must be clear, well-organized, and accessible to readers not familiar with the topic.
  • Originality: The nominee’s work demonstrates a unique or innovative take on topics, theory, and/or methods that helps advance knowledge in the field of comparative and/or international higher education.
  • Attention to context. The nominee’s work demonstrates a nuanced understanding of the context(s) impinging on the research contribution, such as the context in which the research itself took place, the research contribution’s place within broader discussions in comparative and/or international higher education, and so on.

2018 CIHE Awards Committee

Blanca Torres-Olave - Loyola University Chicago, Awards Committee Chair
Anatoly Oleksiyenko - University of Hong Kong
Karla Perez-Velez - University of Northern Colorado