The 2018 Online Submission System

The 2018 Conference Proposal System will be linked to your ASHE member account, and will utilize your ASHE login credentials to log into the proposal site. All authors will need an ASHE account to be added to proposals in the system.  If you do not wish to purchase an ASHE membership, you must create a guest (Non-Member) account in order to appear on any ASHE proposals.  (DO NOT create a new guest member account if you are an expired member or created a guest account previously!)  Once you create your ASHE account, please log into the proposal system to activate your account.  You will need to fill out personal and contact information, and create a username and password.  A step by step guide is available in PDF here to help you navigate the submission process.

Before submitting your proposal you will be asked to acknowledge that:

  • You have not published or presented this same work elsewhere;
  • You have informed all authors listed on the proposal that a proposal with their name is being submitted;
  • You will attend the ASHE conference and present the work at the designated time, if accepted;
  • If your research or scholarly paper is accepted, you agree to submit a completed paper to your discussant by October 17, 2018; and
  • Your name does not appear anywhere on the proposal (unless the proposal is for a self-designed paper session or interactive symposium).

After selecting your division and format type, you will be prompted to go through the following proposal submission process:

  • Terms of agreement;
  • title, abstract, proposal text, references, keywords, research methodology;
  • proposal authors’ contact information;
  • attachments (Attach only graphs, charts, etc. – Do not attach entire paper; remove identifying information); and
  • final review.
If you need to interrupt the proposal submission process, you may save your work, log in at a later time, and continue any proposals you have started.  You may return to the submission system at any time before 5:00 PM (Pacific) on May 4, 2018, the submission deadline, to edit your submission.  If you encounter any problems during the submission process, contact the ASHE office: or Phone: (702) 895-2737.  You will receive notification of acceptance or rejection via email no later than July 16, 2018.  The ASHE Conference acceptance rate is typically around 40%.


You have a professional and ethical obligation to register for the conference and present your paper at the time and place specified by the program committee.
The lead author or individual that submitted any accepted research (data-driven) or scholarly (non-data-driven) paper proposal must submit a copy of the final paper to the session discussant no later than Wednesday, October 17, 2018.  Please submit your paper by logging back into the proposal submission system and uploading it.
The program committee reserves the right to rescind the acceptance of any paper not delivered to the designated discussant by October 17. Roundtables and posters need not submit materials in advance of the conference.

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