Contested Space: The Enduring Legacy of Colonialism in Puerto Rico

This section guides a conversation to understand the history and enduring legacies of colonialism in Puerto Rico, the oldest colony in the world. The consequences of policies such as the Jones Act of 1917, Balzac, and Operation Bootstrap are directly tied to contemporary conversations on the status of Puerto Rico. We consider the centrality of race and gender to conversations on how colonialism comes to impact and function in the daily lives of both islanders and the diaspora. The social, political, and economic challenges faced by the island today--from La Promesa, Hurricane Maria, and the mobilizing to oust the Governor in 2019--are deeply connected to this history.



Guiding Questions

  • History of colonization
  • Current debate on status
  • National identity & race
  • Diaspora by design
  • How do we understand or read U.S. territories/Puerto Rico in relationship to power/colonialism? 
  • How was this relationship established?
  • How has it evolved?

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Contemporary Issues

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The Historical Roots of the Colonial Project

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Diaspora by Design

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Table of Contents

Section 1

Honoring Place: Understanding Place, Space & Displacement


Section 2

Colonialism, Settler Colonialism, and Soveriegnty: Reflecting on their Role in Higher Education


Section 4

The Puerto Rican Higher Education System in an Era of Resistance/Refusal and Turmoil