CPPHE Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of three officers and three members-at-large. Each year, the Council membership elects the Vice-Chair, Secretary, and one Member-at-large. The Vice-Chair serves in that post for one year, with major responsibility for organizing the Public Policy Forum, then assumes the Chair for the following year. The Secretary a one-year term, and Members-at-large serve three-year terms. Terms begin with the CPPHE Business Meeting that is held during the annual Public Policy Forum. For information on the selection process, refer to the CPPHE by-laws.

Terms conclude at the end of the business meeting of the year indicated.

Committee Role Prefix First Name Last Name Term Begins Term Ends Organization Name
Chair Dr. Jason Taylor 11/30/18 11/30/21 University of Utah
Vice Chair Mr. DeShawn Preston 11/16/19 11/19/22 United Negro College Fund
Immediate Past Chair Dr. Emily Calderón Galdeano 11/30/17 11/30/20 Elevate Consulting Group
Secretary Dr. Sosanya Jones 11/16/19 11/19/22 Howard University
Member At Large Dr. Cecilia Orphan 11/30/18 11/30/21 University of Denver
Member At Large Dr. Raquel Muñiz 11/16/19 11/19/22  
Member At Large Dr. Frank Fernandez 11/16/19 11/19/22 University of Mississippi

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