CPPHE Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of three officers and three members at large. Each year, the Council membership elects the Vice-Chair, Secretary, and one Member-at-large. The Vice-Chair serves in that post for one year, with major responsibility for organizing the Public Policy Forum, then assumes the Chair for the following year. The Secretary has a one-year term, and Members-at-large serves three-year terms. Terms begin with the CPPHE Business Meeting that is held during the annual Public Policy Forum. For information on the selection process, refer to the CPPHE by-laws.

Terms conclude at the end of the business meeting of the year indicated.

Kevin McClure

Kevin McClure (he/him)

Chair (2023-2024) (Vice Chair, 2022-2023; Immediate Past Chair, 2024-2025)

Currently at:
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Murphy Distinguished Scholar of Education

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Leticia Tomas Bustillos

Vice-Chair (2023-2024) (Chair, 2024-2025; Immediate Past Chair 2025-2026)

Currently at:
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Sarah Young

Sarah Young (she/her)

Secretary (2023-2025)

Currently at:
Trinity Washington University
Director of Disability Support Services

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Vanessa Sansone

Member-at-Large (2020-2024)

Currently at:
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Assistant Professor of Higher Educationr

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Kelly E. Slay

Member-at-Large (2022-2025)

Currently at:
Vanderbilt University
Assistant Professor

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Eric R. Felix

Eric R. Felix (he/him/his)

Member-at-Large (2024-2027)

Currently at:
San Diego State University
Associate Professor

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Past CPPHE Chairs:

  • Meredith Billings (2022)
  • Deshawn Preston (2021)
  • Jason Taylor (2020)
  • Emily Calderon Galdeano (2019)
  • Tiffany Jones (2018)
  • Lorelle Espinosa (2017)
  • Nick Hilliman (2016)
  • Leticia Osegera (2015)
  • Marvin Titus (2014)
  • Jennifer Delaney (2012-2013)
  • Will Doyle (2011)
  • Colleen O'Brien (20109-2010)
  • Patricia Yaeger (2008)
  • Donald Heller (2006-2007)
  • Scott Thomas (2003-05)
  • Karen Card (2001-2002)
  • Les Goodchild (1998-2000)
  • Bob Hendrickson (1996)