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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all experienced institutional revenue losses in tuition, housing, and much more. Coupled with massive state budget shortfalls, the vast majority of our institutions, public and private, are experiencing steep budget cuts.  This affects us all, but arguably our graduate students most!

As we move to a virtual conference in November, the ASHE Board of Directors committed to making the 2020 Annual Conference free for as many graduate students who otherwise would not be able to attend. In 2019, nearly 40% of conference attendees were graduate students. Through the support of our ASHE members, the ASHE Graduate Student Fund has provided scholarships totaling more than $50,000 since 2007.

In order to provide free registration for graduate students, we need your support! Please join the ASHE Board of Directors, Past Presidents, and many of our members who have already committed to support the ASHE Graduate Student Fund by sponsoring a student(s).

Please join us in sponsoring at least one graduate student registration this year.  Your $50 donation will cover the registration cost for one student to have access to the more than 500 research and scholarly presentations at the virtual ASHE 2020 Conference.  This year, conference fees for all registrants are lower given the virtual venue.  Normally registration is $230 for general members and this year it is only $125—so hopefully you can direct some of that savings toward this special need.

Any size donation will help!  All donations are tax-deductible.  

Information for Graduate Students

If you are a current graduate student member of ASHE who would not be able to attend the conference without financial assistance, ASHE members have donated to sponsor your attendance. To apply, you will simply need to complete the conference registration form by the regular registration deadline (October 15).

Here are a few notes:
  • Current graduate student members are eligible for assistance. 
  • To qualify, you simply need to indicate your need by checking the box during the registration process. There is no other documentation or "proof" needed. Note: The question will only display for current Graduate Student members; if you are not a current Graduate Student member, this will not show up in your registration form.
    • At the end of your registration process (when it's time to enter payment information), select the option to be invoiced; do not pay for your registration as you will not be able to receive a refund of this amount. The ASHE Office will finalize your registration once we are able to match you with a sponsor. Our goal is to provide assistance to 100% of students who need it.
  • If this option does not appear for you:
    • Ensure you are a current Full-Time Student Member (this option will not appear for any other membership type)
    • You are not able to change membership types during the registration process. For example, if you are upgrading from a Guest account to a Student membership, you will need to this before you register (see info at 
  • The waiver will be applied to your general conference registration.
    • We realize some student members are able to have their registration sponsored by their institution/university, but must pay for their membership out of pocket. If this is the case for you, and you need financial assistance to help cover this cost, ASHE can apply the $50 toward your membership dues (you would then owe $40 of the $90). Please forward your registration confirmation email to with this request.
Questions? Contact ASHE Executive Director Dr. Jason P. Guilbeau at or call (702) 895-2737.