Ethics Webinar

Exploring Ethical Tensions in Higher Ed. and/or Student Affairs Grad. Programs
Co-Sponsored by the NASPA Faculty Council


This webinar, co-sponsored by the ASHE Council for the Advancement of Higher Education Programs (CAHEP) and NASPA Faculty Council, will consider and discuss the internal and external factors that are creating tension in the recruitment, admissions, support, and employability of graduate students in higher education and/or student affairs programs. Effectively serving as a 'Part I' of a two-part series, the webinar will identify the ethical tensions that most readily arise in our graduate programs today. 

Webinar PowerPoint


  • Ryan Miller (he/him), University of North Carolina - Charlotte
  • Sonja Ardoin (she/her), Appalachian State University

  • Darren Pierre (he/him), Loyola University Chicago
  • Dian Squire (he/him), Northern Arizona University
  • Juan Guardia (he/him), University of Cincinnati
  • Susan Marine (she/her), Merrimack College