Bryan Gopaul Legacy Fund

In August 2021, the ASHE Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution honoring the life of Dr. Bryan Gopaul and creating the Dr. Bryan Gopaul Legacy Endowed Scholarship. Click here to read the full resolution.

ASHE Members and friends of Dr. Gopaul are invited to donate to this scholarship fund in honor of Dr. Gopaul. The criteria and process for this scholarship will follow that of the ASHE Graduate Student Travel Scholarship. The Bryan Gopaul Legacy Endowed Scholarship will be awarded to an applicant with financial need, who is a graduate student, and who is either (1) a Canadian citizen and/or (2) a student studying access and equity in graduate education, the employment of graduate students, or the pipeline to the professoriate.The goal is to raise $10,000 to endow this fund in perpetuity. 

This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Bryan Gopaul, an active and engaged member of ASHE since 2008, of the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education (CSSHE) since 2006, and a great supporter of graduate students until his passing in 2021, at the age of 42.  Dr. Gopaul was a native of Toronto, Canada, and an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Rochester.  
Dr. Gopaul was passionate about his work, and his students. As the son of a former teacher who experienced significant racism in the classroom and in the broader educational system, Bryan sought to research and bring to light the issues of equity, privilege, and hierarchy in various educational contexts. Dr. Gopaul’s research focused on the experiences of graduate students and the changing nature of faculty life and work. He employed critical theories of education and qualitative methodologies to explore issues of access and equity in graduate education, the employment of graduate students, the pipeline to the professoriate, and academic labour. His research sought to examine the experiences of post-doctoral researchers, links between faculty mobility and institutional leadership, and civic engagement priorities at research universities. 

Dr. Gopaul was educated at the University of Toronto, completing his Hons. B.Sc. at U of T Mississauga-Erindale College, and his M.Ed., and PhD at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. He also completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, where he collaborated with colleagues in the United States and Kazakhstan, exploring higher education reform in relation to governance as well as financial aid and student mobility. He had published in the Canadian Journal of Higher Education; Educational Researcher; Higher Education; Equity and Excellence in Education; The International Journal of Doctoral Studies; The Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement; Journal of Leadership Education; Academic Matters; The Handbook of Engaged Scholarship: Contemporary Landscapes, Future Directions; and The Global University: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives. His research has been funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). He was also an editorial board member of the Canadian Journal of Higher Education (CJHE) and valued member of the Council of Canadian Academies’ Expert Panel on the Labour Market Transition of PhD Graduates and made significant contributions to the report, Degrees of Success.

Dr. Gopaul was also a gourmet chef and world traveller with a heart of gold; enriching the lives of his students, colleagues, family, and friends.

“Aim for exceptional , don’t be good or even great, be extraordinary. Pick something and crush it; master it; reinvent it, and change the game.” -Dr. Bryan S.A. Gopaul

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