ASHE Grads Bylaws & Roles

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The ASHE By-Laws require that two graduate students serve as members of the ASHE Board of Directors. One graduate student is elected to the board each year to serve a two-year term. Graduate students contribute to the board’s decision-making process in ways that take into consideration graduate students’ issues. They represent the graduate student community and advocate for graduate student members of the association by raising graduate students’ concerns, voicing the needs of graduate students, considering how board decisions will affect graduate students and subsequently sharing those perspectives with the board. Graduate Student Representatives work to develop innovative ways to improve the experiences of graduate student members within the ASHE community and to assist graduate students in connecting with existing resources.

ASHE Graduate Student Representative Roles

As defined by the ASHE By-Laws, there are two graduate representatives.

From Article IV, Section 2:

“A director elected each year by the members of the association from the student members to a two-year term.  Student members may serve on the board until the conclusion of the last session on the annual conference program following the awarding of their terminal degree, or in the event there is no annual conference in a given year then on the anniversary of that occasion during the previous year.”

While the ASHE Graduate Representatives have traditionally conducted numerous responsibilities, there is also substantial room within the role to develop projects and initiatives as of interest to those within the role.

Traditional responsibilities of ASHE grad role:

  • Coordinate and implement graduate-specific programming during annual ASHE conference, including but not limited to:
    • Sessions with senior and emerging scholars
    • Coffee-breaks
    • Graduate student lounge
    • Graduate-student specific programming
    • Graduate student social
  • Attend Board of Directors meetings in person twice a year:
    • At the annual ASHE conference, typically directly before and/or after the conference
    • At a summer Board of Directors retreat, typically 3 days
  • Participate in semi-regular ASHE Board of Directors phone calls up to a monthly basis
  • Participate in semi-regular meetings with the other Graduate Student Representative
  • Coordinate the annual ASHE Grads scholarship process, including developing selection criteria, recruiting applicants, and selecting recipients
  • Update and oversee the ASHEgrads website, including selecting and working with the ASHE grads web consultant(s)
  • Update and oversee all social media, including ASHEgrads Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Check and respond to communications through the ASHEgrads email account
  • Partner with peer organizations to publicize events and coordinate efforts, such as the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Division J Graduate Representatives

Time commitment:

  • Varies per time of year, with increasingly busy involvement in the lead up to and during the annual conference (May-November)

Financial obligations:

  • To help with the financial obligations of travel to and participation in the annual ASHE conference, graduate student representatives receive a small stipend for the conference and/or in-kind support (e.g., hotel rooms). The ASHE Executive Director will relay specific support in place for the individual conference.
  • Cost of travel and lodging during the summer Board of Director meeting is covered by the association

Web Consultant Role

The ASHE Graduate Student community is seeking a current graduate student to serve as a web consultant for a one-year appointment during 2022. The primary responsibility of the role is managing the ASHE grads online web presence, including our WordPress website and social media. The anticipated time commitment of this role is 3-5 hours per month, with peak times leading up to and during the ASHE annual conference in November.
  • Coordinate the monthly ASHE grad blog (, including:
    • Posting from current pool of travel scholarship recipient submissions
    • Recruiting any additional submissions as needed
    • Publicizing monthly posts
  • Publicizing ASHE and ASHE grad specific initiatives using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Create publicity graphics for ASHE grad specific initiatives
  • Assist in coordinating online ASHE graduate initiatives such as Tweet-a-Thons, Twitter Chats, Webinars, or Google Hangouts
  • Aid in live tweeting and publicizing sessions related to the annual ASHE conference
  • Engage in quarterly check ins with ASHE grad representatives
  • Support content development for graduate student section of the ASHE website
Desired Qualifications
  • Familiarity with website design broadly and WordPress specifically
  • Familiarity with Facebook and Twitter
  • Responsive to email and other forms of communication

ASHE Graduate Committee Involvement (specific announcements for 2021 TBA)

The list below includes some of the initiatives and programs that ASHE graduate members serve. These opportunities for service take place at the the annual conference and throughout the year. We continue to find ways to better communicate and serve our members. If you’re interested in participating in a subgroup, or have an idea for a new initiative to serve the association, please let us know.

Conference Planning:
  • Graduate Student Sessions
  • Session Tweeters
  • Session Photographers
  • ASHE Graduate Student Session evaluation