Call for Graduate Student Committee

Programming and opportunities for graduate students within ASHE continue to grow each year. Many of these have been coordinated by the two Graduate Student Representatives on the ASHE Board of Directors. However, as the Association continues to grow, the work of supporting graduate student programming and engagement and coordination of these efforts throughout the Association cannot solely rest with two individuals. We are excited to expand opportunities for involvement for graduate students through the newly created ASHE Graduate Student Committee. This was a stated goal in the ASHE 2020-2023 ASHE Strategic Plan. This committee will take on various programs and events focused on graduate students while also connecting with current graduate student volunteers throughout the Association (e.g., graduate student members of Council Executive Committees).

ASHE Graduate Student Committee members Jesenia Rosales, Luz Burgos-Lopez, Vigor Lam, Armando Lizarraga, Iris S. De Lis, Tabatha Cruz, Taylor Lewis, and Ramy Abbady are seeking applications for the following positions:

  • Graduate Student Committee Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (1-year term as Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and a 1-year term as Chair): This person will be the Chair-Elect and collaborate and develop the Committee's yearly goals with the Chair. In addition, the co-chair will provide one on one support to the Social & Networking, and the Web & Social Media committees. Lastly, this person will assist in the implementation of recruitment efforts, and assist with the operations for new leadership. 

  • Professional Development Co-Coordinators (1 Co-Coordinator to serve a 2-year term): This team will plan, develop and coordinate logistics for one breakout conference session (Finding Joy) in alignment with the annual theme, as well as the ASHE Grads Luncheon. Additionally, the team will collaborate with other ASHE groups and higher education organizations, and aggregate, curate and share out resources, and networking opportunities for graduate students. 

  • Web and Social Media Co-Coordinators (1 Co-Coordinator to  serve a 2-year term):  This team will coordinate the social media strategy of the ASHE Grads Twitter and Instagram accounts, including pre-conference content and marketing, writing sessions, Twitter chats, and supporting the committee on additional programs and initiatives. They will also work with the ASHE Staff on updating the ASHE Grads section of the ASHE website.

  • Social and Networking Co-Coordinators (1 Co-Coordinator to serve a 2-year term): This team will coordinate the various social and networking events hosted by ASHE Grads throughout the year and during the annual conference. This includes writing sessions throughout the year in addition to the Conversations over Coffee and other networking events for graduate students during the annual conference. 

Time Commitment

The commitment is on average 4-5 hours per month.
  • The Committee will meet monthly (or as needed); and bi-weekly as we approach the ASHE National Conference. 
  • The Committee will meet with other graduate student leaders within the Association (e.g., Graduate Student Board Members, CEP Graduate Student Rep, CIHE Graduate Student Liaison, etc.). 
  • Work outside of these meetings will vary depending on the position/committee. The Subcommittees will meet monthly (or as needed) as we approach the ASHE National Conference.

Preferred Qualifications

Members of the Committee must:
  • Be Graduate Student members of the Association in good standing throughout their term in office
  • Agree to uphold the policies of the Association including the Conflict of Interest Policy and ethics policies (including appropriate disclosure)
  • Appropriate experience or interest in their respective position:
    • Chair/Vice-Chair: Experience providing leadership and vision to community members. 
    • Professional Development Co-Coordinators & Social and Networking Co-Coordinators: Experience programming, and networking; familiarity with the ASHE Conference.
    • Web and Social Media Coordinator: Experience with web and social media, familiarity with social media tools; Canva and/or Graphic Design.


This is a volunteer position; no compensation is provided.

Application and Appointment Process

Applications are due on April 21, 2023 at Noon (12pm) Pacific. ASHE Graduate Student Committee Members will review applications and make initial appointments. Applicants will be notified in early to mid-May.
To apply for this position, please you will submit the following:
  1. Name
  2. Institution
  3. Email
  4. Telephone Number
  5. Select the position(s) for which you are applying
  6. Which ASHE conferences have you attended?
  7. Agreement to ASHE Policies (Conflict of Interest, Ethics, and Diversity)
  8. What are your prior experiences related to the position(s) for which you are applying? [up to 200 words]
  9. What do you hope to contribute to the graduate student committee? [up to 200 words]
  10.  Why are you interested in being a member of the Graduate Student Committee? [up to 200 words] 
  11. A CV that includes related and relevant experience


Contact the Graduate Student Committee leadership at or Twitter & Instagram: @ashegrads