History Committee

The Ad Hoc Committee on ASHE History began in January 2003. The committee’s primary activity in the past year has been oral history interviews, conducted by different members of the committee. These interviews resulted in an accepted session for the 2005 ASHE conference, “Re-Professionalizing Higher Education Scholarship: Interrogating ASHE's History,” with presentations by Pamela Eddy (Central Michigan University), Philo Hutcheson (Georgia State University), Chris Weber (Cornerstone University), and Karen Haley (North Carolina State University). Caroline Turner (Arizona State University), was the discussant. The presentations helped the committee members focus on historical interpretations of ASHE; just as important, session participants were able offer valuable interpretations as well as, in one case, memories of ASHE that captured some substantial changes in regard to gender and the Association.

At the 2007 Conference in Louisville, the committee conducted focus groups—in essence, replicating the shared memory experiences at the 2005 session--and developing an archival base for ASHE records, including those of former ASHE leaders. In addition, Philo Hutcheson and Pamela Eddy are working toward, albeit slowly, a short history of ASHE that can be posted on the Association’s web site.

Current members of the committee are:

  • Philo Hutcheson, Georgia State University, chair

  • Pamela Eddy, Central Michigan University

  • Lester Goodchild, University of Santa Clara

  • Caroline Turner, Arizona State University

  • Amy Wells, University of Mississippi