Honoring Place: Understanding Place, Space & Displacement

In this unit, we invite the ASHE community into a conversation that explores how we understand space, place, and displacement. The scholarly engagements in this unit will challenge our understandings and relationships to space as they relate to power, violence, and assumed right to access to these spaces.


Guiding Questions

  • Place based epistemologies
  • Indigenous knowledge systems
  • Puerto Rico history & culture
  • How do we understand place?
  • What does it mean to be in relationship with place?
  • How do we engage with place as visitors?
  • How do we engage with place responsibly and respectfully?

Scholarly Engagements

Place Based Epistemologies


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The People of Boriken

African and Indigenous Connections

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Table of Contents


Section 2

Colonialism, Settler Colonialism, and Soveriegnty: Reflecting on their Role in Higher Education


Section 3

Contested Space: The Enduring Legacy of Colonialism in Puerto Rico


Section 4

The Puerto Rican Higher Education System in an Era of Resistance/Refusal and Turmoil