2022 International Scholars Workshop

October 6 & 7, 2022
9:00am-12:00pm Pacific/Las Vegas Time (Both Days)

In the first three years of the workshop (2019, 2020, & 2021), a diverse group of the participants shared their insights and experiences of how they maintained a prescribed research agenda, navigated between and within various identities that could extend beyond their nationality, maintained their well-being, and dealt with complex and nowadays politically-charged immigration and visa policies, which could be a sole factor in determining the post-graduation career choices and academic career success in the United States (Peri et al., 2016; Zong & Batalova, 2018). Above all, as panelists and participants shared about their experiences, struggles, hopes, and fears, a space was opened up to hear one’s struggle as part of a larger thread; we hope and aspire for creating and maintaining this space exactly for this generative thinking and healing—a collective success.

The 2022 ASHE conference theme calls for humanizing higher education, and as such, we are hoping to humanize international higher education by genuinely supporting international scholars and building warm community. As international students and scholars, we strive to provide meaningful contributions while we also strive to survive with our legal status, our academic and career opportunities, and our well-being. Thus, in alignment with the theme of the 2022 ASHE conference, we ask: How can we bring our whole selves into our scholarship, teaching, and career pursuit, in academia and in the job market? How do we provide meaningful works to humanize higher education in international context? How do we deal with the visible and invisible walls that aim to limit our success? How do we center our lived knowledge and our Othered ways of knowing to unsettle the abyssal thinking in institutions of higher education and in our scholarly fields? 

To benefit from the virtual format of 2022 International Scholars Workshop, we invite scholars, practitioners, and students from national and international contexts to participate and engage in the six sessions of this workshop as they see fit to their individual scholarly goals and career objectives. These topics are listed below in the detailed schedule and include topics relevant to student success for those early in their studies, to topics relevant to those who are on the job market, as well as early career faculty and those who are up for promotion.

Who should attend:

  • International students, international faculty, and any scholars who are interested in and who are from international backgrounds/community
  • Faculty, chairs, and academic programs to participate in this workshop as they seek for ways to better support international scholars (doctoral students, post-docs, visiting or adjunct faculty, and faculty) they work with under the unique circumstances and current political terrain

While the program is proposed under the umbrella of CIHE, it is important to acknowledge that not all international students and international faculty are affiliated with research related to international issues and topics. Hence, the recruitment for participation in this program should focus on members of CIHE, members of ASHE community, and as well as diverse scholars and international scholars who are not part of ASHE community.

Learning/Program Outcomes

  1. Engage in the facilitated discussions and professional development activities with the speakers whose research centers on academic and professional success of international students and scholars.

  2. Network with other scholars from international backgrounds.

  3. ​Build navigational capital in the areas of graduate studies, legal constraints, and short- and long-term career advancement.

  4. Develop individual strategies of personal well-being.

  5. Become a member of the larger community that supports international students and scholars.

Tentative Schedule

Day One (Thursday, October 6, 2022, 9:00am-12:00pm Pacific/Las Vegas Time)
Topic 1: Job searching as an international scholar
Topic 2: Navigating Immigration laws and legal issues
Topic 3: More stories to share: Racism, discrimination, and microaggression in the U.S.

Day Two (Friday, October 7, 2022, 9:00am-12:00pm Pacific/Las Vegas Time)
Topic 4: Holistic approaches to a successful graduate journey: From the beginning to
Topic 5: Not every offer is a good offer: Recognizing red flags on the job market
Topic 6: Closing virtual social event: Building community

Planning Committee

Event Chair: Katie Koo (University of Georgia)

Co-Chairs: Mary Ann Bodine Al-Sharif (University of Alabama at Birmingham), Shinji Katsumoto (University of Iowa) & Nicholas R. Stroup (University of Iowa)


  • Registration Fees:
    • Graduate Student $20 (must be an ASHE member)
    • ASHE member $30
    • ACPA member: $30 (For ACPA members who are not current ASHE Members)
    • Non-Member: $40
  • Registration Closes and Payment Deadline: October 5, 2022, Noon Pacific/Las Vegas Time
  • Learn more about accessibility for this event at https://www.ashe.ws/accessibility2022.
  • All ASHE Professional Development events encourage participants to engage throughout the event in various ways. To provide an environment that is conducive to learning and engagement and to provide a safe space (to the extent possible), discussion sessions will not be recorded. For the 2022 International Scholars Workshop, presentations will be recorded and available after the sessions to attendees and will not be permitted to be shared or used for other purposes.