The ASHE 2022 Keynotes will occur on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the ASHE 2022 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada and will be available live through the Virtual Ticket.

Ruha Benjamin

Ruha Benjamin is a professor of African American Studies at Princeton University and author of People’s Science: Bodies and Rights on the Stem Cell Frontier as well as Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code, which examines the relationship between machine bias and systemic racism, analyzing specific cases of “discriminatory design” and offering tools for a socially-conscious approach to tech development. Race After Technology was awarded Brooklyn Public Library’s 2020 Nonfiction Prize.

She has studied the social dimensions of science, technology, and medicine for over fifteen years and speaks widely on issues of innovation, equity, health, and justice in the U.S. and globally. Ruha is the recipient of many awards and honors, including the 2017 President's Award for Distinguished Teaching at Princeton. Her work is published in numerous journals, including Science, Technology, and Human Values; Policy & Society; Ethnicity & Health; and the Annals of the American Academy of Social and Political Science and reported on in national and international news outlets.

Her next book, Viral Justice: How We Grow the World We Want, releasing in 2022 was born out of the twin plagues of COVID-19 and police violence—a double crisis that has since created a portal for rethinking all that we’ve taken for granted about the social order and life on this planet.

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David Gillborn

David Gillborn is Emeritus Professor of Critical Race Studies and Founding Director of the Centre for Research in Race & Education (CRRE) at the University of Birmingham, UK. David is author/editor of 13 books and more than 200 articles, chapters and reports. He has won the Society for Educational Studies’ prize for ‘Book of the Year’ twice and is currently writing a new book, ‘White Lies: racism in education and society’.

David is best known for his research on racism in educational policy and practice and, in particular, for championing the growth of Critical Race Theory internationally. David received the Derrick Bell Legacy Award, from the Critical Race Studies in Education Association (CRSEA), for career accomplishments that demonstrate ‘personal courage and professional commitment to supporting and advocating race equality in education,’ and was named to the Laureate Chapter of the Kappa Delta Pi honor society, which is limited to 60 living educators who have made a significant and lasting impact on the profession of education. 

David edits the international journal ‘Race Ethnicity and Education’, which he founded in 1998. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, the Academy of Social Sciences and the Royal Society of Arts. 

Much of David’s writing is available for free download at

David’s recent articles include:

  • How white working-class underachievement has been used to demonise antiracism (The Guardian, June 23, 2022). 
  • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Anti-Black Racism as Fluid, Relentless, Individual and Systemic (2018, Peabody Journal of Education).
  • Moving the goalposts: education policy and 25 years of the Black/White achievement gap (2017, British Educational Research Journal, with Sean Demack, Nicola Rollock & Paul Warmington); 
  • QuantCrit: education, policy, ‘Big Data’ and principles for a critical race theory of statistics (2017, Race Ethnicity and Education, with Sean Demack & Paul Warmington); 
  • Softly, Softly: Genetics, Intelligence and the Hidden Racism of the New Geneism (2016, Journal of Education Policy).

David’s most recent books are Critical Race Theory in Education (edited with Laurence Parker, 2020) and ‘The Colour of Class’ (co-authored with Nicola Rollock, Carol Vincent & Stephen J. Ball, 2015).

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Joy Gaston Gayles (ASHE 2022 Presidential Address)

Dr. Joy Gaston Gayles is the Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professor of Higher Education and Senior Advisor for the Advancement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the College of Education at North Carolina State University. Dr. Gayles is nationally recognized for her research and scholarship on women and people of color in STEM fields and her work in the area of intercollegiate athletics in higher education. Issues of equity, inclusion, and justice undergird the collective body of her work. 

Dr. Gayles is one of the primary thought leaders in her field of study and was recently named as one of 25 innovative women leading higher education in DIVERSE: Issues in Higher Education magazine. She is currently serving as President of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), the primary professional association for studying post-secondary education issues. 

Dr. Gayles is nationally known for her work in partnership with the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) the largest faculty development center in the United States. In addition, she serves as a faculty success coach and campus workshop facilitator. To date, she has coached well over 100 faculty across the country and conducted over 50 campus workshops on topics such as mentoring, tenure and time management, mid-career faculty success, and writing through resistance. 

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