Context of Education in the Las Vegas Valley and Southern Nevada

Topic 2: Context of Education in the Las Vegas Valley and Southern Nevada

Overview and Goal of Lesson

This lesson will introduce learners to the context of education in the Las Vegas Valley, Southern Nevada, and the broader Mountain West. Learners will gain a deeper, multi-layered understanding of issues in this region. This lesson can be used to further support, challenge, and implement educational policies that will [continue to] promote the educational advancements and successes of individuals and various marginalized and minoritized communities in the Las Vegas Valley and Southern Nevada. To do so, close attention must be paid to the educational attainment, enrollment, and completion of college-going individuals in these areas. This lesson centers the question of:

How do the geographic, socio-political, economic, and cultural features of the Las Vegas Valley and Southern Nevada influence educational access, opportunity, and attainment in the region?

Keywords: College Access, College Persistence and Completion

Scholarly Engagements

College Attainment:

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  • Nehls, K., Schneider, H., Espinoza-Parra, O., Hines, J., Tyler, T. (2017). College Pipeline Issues for Students of Color in Southern Nevada. Policy Issues in Nevada Education, 2, 1-14. Available here.

Minority and Hispanic-Serving Institutions:

Discussion Questions

  • What policies, interventions, and practices can address educational inequities in the Las Vegas Valley and Southern Nevada?
  • As institutions become minority-serving institutions, what lessons can be learned from Nevada’s context?

Additional Resources

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