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ASHE Members

  • Jenny Lee, University of Arizona (co-chair)

  • Simon Marginson, University College London

  • Amy Metcalfe, University of British Columbia

  • Susan Twombly, University of Kansas

NAFSA Members

  • Fanta Aw, Assistant Vice President of Campus Life, American University

  • Chris Glass, Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University

  • Kevin Hovland, Senior Director, Academic Programs, NAFSA (co-chair)

  • Douglas Palmer, Vice President for Academic Affairs (July 1, 2015), Walsh University

  • Robert Stableski, Senior Advisor, Planning and Service Development, NAFSA

  • Amanda Taylor, Professorial Lecturer School of International Service, American University

Goals of the collaboration 

Our goal is to help international affairs practitioners and researchers better understand and anticipate changes in a dynamic internationalizing higher education landscape. There is a sense that senior internationalization officers and others leaders implementing comprehensive internationalization on campus are vulnerable to being “blindsided” by events, trends, and policy shifts that are not directly within their purview but that ultimately shape global/international strategies. We would like to gain some understanding of how information and decisions flow within institutions between international education offices and academic affairs, and across and the academic community. Special attention will be given to how issues related to inequality are or are not seen as shared challenges.

Planned deliverables for the collaboration

  • ASHE VP Session

  • NASFA Invited Session (May 2016)

  • NAFSA Confluence (a web-publication to be introduced in summer 2015)

  • 1-2 research publications based on the survey results.

Key collaboration activities

We are in the process of launching a survey to investigate the views and experiences of institutional leaders in academic and international affairs as they relate to comprehensive internationalization efforts on their respective campuses. We intend to collect and analyze this data to inform both NAFSA and ASHE on some of the key issues facing institutional leaders. We intend to continue the collaboration between NAFSA and ASHE as new themes arise in the years to come.