Planning Your Conference

Conference Schedules

The Conference, Virtual Ticket, and Pre-Conference schedules will be finalized and available in early August. Schedules can be viewed by clicking the link below:

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Conference Registration 

Registration for the General Conference, Virtual Ticket, and Pre-Conferences will open on March 1, 2022, with an early registration discount deadline of August 5, 2022.

COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

Las Vegas is enforcing local measures developed by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Governor's Office, such as social distancing, mask recommendations for unvaccinated individuals and a variety of mandates for businesses – including, but not limited to high standards of cleanliness in accordance with CDC and EPA guidelines. The Department of Health has increased resources to ensure travelers are abiding by local guidelines.

The ASHE Staff is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our event participants. While the Association will strive to hold a safe event, we also recognize it is not possible to remove all risks, in particular concerning COVID-19. To mitigate risks, the ASHE Staff will put required procedures in place to provide a safe environment for its event attendees.

Procedures for each event will be set according to CDC and public health recommendations, federal, state, and local regulations applicable at the time of the event, and what ASHE deems necessary to manage the risk for its event attendees. The ASHE Staff may change, update, or add to these requirements at any time as it deems prudent to best protect the health and safety of attendees and others, and attendees must comply with relevant policies and requirements as communicated by the ASHE Staff.

Arriving to and Departing from Las Vegas

The Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino is located at 3667 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109. It is just 8 minutes from Harry Reid International Airport (LAS).


Las Vegas is within a 5-hour driving distance from the following cities: Phoenix, Arizona; San Diego, California; Los Angeles, California; St. George, Utah.

Parking at Planet Hollywood:

Self-Parking Fees
Hours: 24/7

  •  Free parking to Platinum, Diamond, Seven Star members

Hourly Rates

  • First hour: Free
  • 1-4 hours: $12
  • 4-24 hours: $15
  • Daily max: $15
  • Hotel guests: $15

Valet Parking Fees
Hours: 24/7

  • 0 - 4 Hours  $30
  • 4 - 24 Hours  $36

While most flights will be more than 3 hours, affordable options are offered on most major airlines. Below we've collected price information for major airlines in major cities as of 2/14/2022. We encourage members to set alerts through flight tracking services such as or

The following flights are based on a departure date of Nov 15 and return on Nov 20.

Departure City Airline/Price
Los Angeles United: $183 (nonstop) (
Seattle Delta: $337 (nonstop) (
Detroit Delta: $419 (nonstop) (
DC United: $424 (non-stop) (
Miami/FLL American: $535 (non-stop) (
Atlanta Delta: $418 (nonstop) (
Denver United: $344 (nonstop) (
Indianapolis United: $505 (
Raleigh-Durham United: $528 (
Houston United: $422 (nonstop) (

Learn more about the airport:

Find taxi, ride share and shuttle rates:

Wheel Chair Accessible Transport from the Airport to the Hotel can be found at:


ASHE has secured discounted rates at our headquarters hotel, the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino. ASHE highly encourages conference attendees to stay in the ASHE hotel. This helps us meet our contractual commitment to the hotels and avoid paying a penalty fee.

Meals and Dining

Casual dining in and out of the hotel is available under $20. Evening receptions typically provide a variety of hors d'ouevres.

There are a variety of dining options at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino:

Las Vegas is also known for its all-you-can-eat buffet options at varying price points: Restaurants within a 10-minute drive of the hotel: 

Things to Do and See in Las Vegas

To explore more of Las Vegas, visit

Higher Education Institutions in Las Vegas