Options to Present Virtually

As noted in the Call For Proposals, the terms agreed to during the proposal submission, and the acceptance notification emails, at least one Author/Presenter must be in attendance from each paper/presentation. 

During the proposal submission process, attendees who were unable to attend in person were provided with the option to submit a Self Design Paper Session or Interactive Symposium for consideration as a fully virtual presentation (see the Call For Proposals for more information). The ASHE Staff has worked with those proposals that were accepted and indicated this preferred format. 

ASHE is excited to offer a Virtual Ticket option once again this year. The Virtual Ticket will feature select sessions live streamed in real-time and the remainder of conference sessions screen and audio recorded for availability OnDemand beginning in December. Presenters who will be featured in the Virtual Ticket have already been contracted. Attendance through the Virtual Ticket is only one-way communication. Presenters who want to present virtually must choose an option below.

While we understand that travel to the ASHE Conference remains limited for some members, due to logistical and financial constraints, ASHE is limited in our ability to continue offering options for members to present virtually. 

If additional Authors/Presenters from a paper/presentation are unable to attend in person, the following options are available:

  • Option 1: The Presenter(s) who is in attendance present on behalf of the group. ASHE highly recommends this option to avoid an technical difficulties.
  • Option 2: If Option 1 isn’t possible, the Presenter(s) not able to travel to Las Vegas record their portion of the presentation for the Presenter(s) in attendance to play. This is ASHE's second recommendation, however, there may be difficulties with wifi or showing the video which may hinder the delivery of the presentation. As such, Option 1 is recommended.
  • Option 3: If Option 1 or 2 aren’t possible, ASHE has a limited set of rooms with cameras and microphones to provide an enhanced experience for virtual Presenters. We can provide this on a very limited basis.
    • Requests (note: this is a request only and is not guaranteed) for this third option should be emailed to conference@ashe.ws before September 15, 2022, at Noon Pacific. This should include the name of the presentation, the name of the author(s) requesting the virtual presentation, and the reason for the request. ASHE will provide a response by September 30.
    • Requests will typically only be approved when there is a single presenter who is prevented from traveling for extenuating circumstances (e.g., international visa denial, major health concerns). Acceptance is at the discretion of the ASHE Staff and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
    • If approved, the Presenter joining virtually must be registered for the Virtual Ticket; failure to do so will be considered a violation of the ASHE Events Code of Conduct.
Presenters should not be Zoomed in on a personal laptop. This limits the accessibility of the event as audio and video may not be able to be connected properly during the live session or for the recording.  Please note this is a change from the 2021 conference.