Program Committee

Members are most familiar with the ASHE Program Committee as it has existed since the association’s formation. However, as the conference continues to grow both in size and complexity, we are grateful to expand leadership opportunities and deepen our collective work through the Conference Committee.

Consistent with this year’s theme, “I Am A Scholar,” we have sought to recruit a Program Committee that is reflective of multiple types of higher education scholars. We have also expanded criteria for those who provide important feedback to our community, namely Reviewers and Discussants. In doing so, we seek to recognize that only through our collective work and expanded inclusion can we truly live not only the first part of ASHE’s mission, “to foster scholarly inquiry” but the imperative second part “for the purpose of increasing knowledge about and the understanding of higher education to enhance policy and practice.”

We are grateful to our colleagues on the Local and Community Engagement Committee and Attendee Engagement Committee for their partnership in developing this call for proposals. Through this work, we recognize that our scholarship (broadly defined) and who we are as scholars is based both in our scholarship that is presented in hundreds of sessions throughout the conference, but also in hallways, over coffee, and through our impact as visitors to the lands of the Dakota/Lakota/Nakota and Anishinaabe (Ojibwe).

Solicitation inquiries should be directed to Any solicitation inquiries sent to a person below will automatically disqualify any vendor from consideration.

The Program Committee includes:

Program Committee Co-Chairs

Rosemary (Rosie) Perez, University of Michigan Committee Co-Chair
Jonathan Pryor, California State University, Fresno Committee Co-Chair

Community-University Partnerships & Praxis

Roshaunda Breeden, East Carolina University Section Chair

Faculty, Administrators, & Staff

Tiffany Davis, University of Houston Section Co-Chair
Jordan Harper, Morgan State University Section Co-Chair

Graduate/Professional Education & Post-doctoral Scholars

Elizabeth Jach, The State University of New York System Administration Section Co-Chair
Dajanae Palmer, University of Missouri-Columbia Section Co-Chair

International Higher Education


Chrystal George Mwangi, George Mason University Section Co-Chair
Radomir Mitic, University of North Dakota Section Co-Chair

Leadership in Higher Education

Jeff Grim, George Mason University Section Co-Chair
Lucy LePeau, Indiana University Section Co-Chair

Organization & Administration

Sondra Barringer, Southern Methodist University  Section Co-Chair
Ángel González, California State University, Fresno Section Co-Chair

Philosophy & Foundations

Sharon Stein, University of British Columbia Section Chair

Policy, Finance, & Economics

Ashley Clayton, Louisiana State University Section Co-Chair
Jeremy Wright-Kim, University of Michigan Section Co-Chair

Research Methods

Melissa Whatley, SIT Graduate Institute Section Chair

Teaching & Learning

Kristyn Lue, University of Southern California Section Co-Chair
Aireale J. Rodgers, University of Wisconsin-Madison Section Co-Chair

Undergraduate Students: Access

Awilda Rodriguez, University of Michigan Section Co-Chair
Lydia Ross, Arizona State University Section Co-Chair

Undergraduate Students: Contexts

Crystal Garcia, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Section Co-Chair
Jay Garvey, University of Vermont Section Co-Chair
Brett Nachman, University of Arkansas Section Co-Chair

Undergraduate Students: Developmental Theory

Amanda Mollet, University of Kansas Section Chair

Undergraduate Students: Persistence, Resilience, Retention, & Outcomes

Jacqueline Mac, Northern Illinois University Section Co-Chair
Christen Priddie, Indiana University Section Co-Chair
Rachel Smith, Iowa State University Section Co-Chair
Blanca Elizabeth Vega, Montclair State University  Section Co-Chair

Posters & Works in Progress

Nathan Alleman, Baylor University Format Resource Co-Chair
Lauren Irwin, University of Tennessee, Knoxville Format Resource Co-Chair

CAHEP Pre-Conference

Erin Doran, Iowa State University Chair

CEP Pre-Conference

Katherine S. Cho, Loyola University Chicago Co-Chair
Jesse Ford, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Co-Chair

CIHE Pre-Conference

Santiago Castiello Gutierrez, Seton Hall University Co-Chair
Katie Koo, University of Georgia Co-Chair

CPPHE Pre-Conference

Leticia Tomas Bustillos, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Chair