Program Committee

The ASHE 2022 Program Committee is responsible for soliciting, reviewing, and selecting proposals and volunteers for the 47th Annual Conference. Section Chairs will lead the review and selection of their respective sections under the leadership of Program Committee Co-Chairs Dr. Bridget Turner Kelley (University of Maryland, College Park) and Lara Perez-Felkner (Florida State University).

Conference logistical questions should be directed to

Solicitation inquiries should be directed to Any solicitation inquiries sent to a person below will automatically disqualify any vendor from consideration.

Program Committee    
Bridget Turner Kelly, University of Maryland Co-Chair
Lara Perez-Felkner, Florida State University Co-Chair
ASHE Staff    
Sendi Brewster ASHE Director, Conference & Events
Community-University Partnerships and Praxis    
Amelia L. King-Kostelac, University of Texas San Antonio Section Co-Chair
Claudia García-Louis, University of Texas San Antonio Section Co-Chair
Faculty, Administrative, and Classified Staff    
Cynthia Villarreal, University of California, Riverside Section Co-Chair
Daniel Blake, University of Pennsylvania Section Co-Chair
Graduate and Professional Education    
Rachel Friedensen, St. Cloud State University Section Co-Chair
Radomir Ray Mitic, University of North Dakota Section Co-Chair
International Higher Education    
Kayla Johnson, University of Kentucky Section Co-Chair
Melissa Whatley, School for International Training Graduate Institute Section Co-Chair
Leadership in Higher Education    
Kate Lehman, Momentum at UCLA Section Co-Chair
Shawna Patterson-Stephens, Central Michigan University Section Co-Chair
Organization & Administration    
Kelly Slay, Vanderbilt University Section Co-Chair
Sarah Rose Fitzgerald, University of Massachusetts Amherst Section Co-Chair
Performance, Digital, & Visual Scholarship    
Robin Phelps-Ward, Ball State University Section Co-Chair
Thandi Sule, Oakland University Section Co-Chair
Amanda Latz, Ball State University Section Co-Chair
Philosophy, Foundations, Methods    
Frim Ampaw, Central Michigan University Section Co-Chair
Tyler Hallmark, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Section Co-Chair
Policy, Finance, Economics    
Ashley Clayton, Louisiana State University Section Co-Chair
Toby Park-Gaghan, Florida State University Section Co-Chair
Teaching, Learning, & Assessment    
Michael Brown, Iowa State University Section Co-Chair
Tiffani Riggers-Piehl, University of Missouri-Kansas City Section Co-Chair
Undergraduate Students: Access    
Christine Mokher, Florida State University Section Co-Chair
Christopher Sewell, Praxis Labs Section Co-Chair
Undergraduate Students: Contexts and Retention    
Delma Ramos, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Section Co-Chair
Charlotte Davidson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Section Co-Chair
Undergraduate Students: Development(al) Theory    
Antonio Duran, Florida International University Section Co-Chair
Tangela Blakely Reavis, Saint Mary's College of California Section Co-Chair
Undergraduate Students: Persistence & Resilience    
Courtney L Luedke, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Section Co-Chair
Yu "April" Chen, Louisiana State University Section Co-Chair
Roundtables & Posters    
Ashley Gray, American Council on Education Co-Chair
Travis Smith, University of Florida Co-Chair
CAHEP Pre-Conference    
Ryan Miller, UNCC Chair
CEP Pre-Conference    
Gina Garcia, University of Pittsburgh Co-Chair
Chauntee Thrill, Appalachian State University  Co-Chair
CIHE Pre-Conference    
Christina Yao, USC CIHE Vice Chair
Jeongeun Kim, Arizona State University  CIHE Pre-Conference Co-Chair
CPPHE Pre-Conference    
Kayla Elliot, Ed Trust CPPHE Vice Chair