Program Committee

The ASHE 2023 Program Committee is responsible for soliciting, reviewing, and selecting proposals and volunteers for the 48th Annual Conference. Section Chairs will lead the review and selection of their respective sections under the leadership of Program Committee Co-Chairs Angela Boatman (Boston College) and Gerardo Blanco (Boston College).

Conference logistical questions should be directed to

Solicitation inquiries should be directed to Any solicitation inquiries sent to a person below will automatically disqualify any vendor from consideration.

Program Committee  
Angela Boatman, Boston College Committee Co-Chair
Gerardo Blanco, Boston College Committee Co-Chair
Community-University Partnerships & Praxis  
Louise Michelle Vital, Lesley University Section Co-Chair
Faculty, Administrators, & Staff  
Roman Liera, Monclair State University Section Co-Chair
Jessica Pesce, Harvard Graduate School of Education Section Co-Chair
Graduate/Professional Education & Graduate Students  
Julie Posselt, University of Southern California Section Co-Chair
Annie Wofford, Florida State University Section Co-Chair
International Higher Education  
Lisa Unangst, SUNY Empire State College Section Co-Chair
Matthew Witenstein, University of Dayton Section Co-Chair
Leadership in Higher Education  
Jorge Burmicky, Howard University Section Co-Chair
Ishara Casellas-Connors, Texas A&M University Section Co-Chair
Organization & Administration  
Cheryl Ching, UMass Boston Section Co-Chair
Carrie Kortegast, Northern Illinois University Section Co-Chair
Philosophy & Foundations  
Daniel B. Saunders, Florida International University Section Co-Chair
Laura Smithers, Old Dominion University  
Policy, Finance, & Economics  
Daniel Klasik, UNC Chapel Hill Section Co-Chair
Karina Salazar, The University of Arizona Section Co-Chair
Research Methods  
Christa Winkler, Mississippi State University Section Co-Chair
Teaching, Learning, & Assessment  
Paul Eaton, Sam Houston State University Section Co-Chair
Rachel Friedensen, St. Cloud State University Section Co-Chair
Undergraduate Students: Access  
Jonathan Lewis, uAspire Section Co-Chair
Lydia Ross, Arizona State University Section Co-Chair
Undergraduate Students: Contexts  
Adam McCready, University of Connecticut Section Co-Chair
Luis Antonio Leyva, Vanderbilt University Section Co-Chair
Undergraduate Students: Developmental Theory  
Joseph Kitchen, University of Southern California Section Co-Chair
Demetri Morgan, Loyola University Chicago Section Co-Chair
Undergraduate Students: Persistence, Resilience, Retention, & Outcomes  
Na Lor, Teachers College Section Co-Chair
Natalie Youngbull, University of Oklahoma Section Co-Chair
Stephany Cuevas, Chapman University Section Co-Chair
Performance, Visual, & Digital Scholarship  
Candace N. Hall, Southern Illinois Edwardsville Format Resource Chair
Posters & Works in Progress  
Nathan Alleman, Baylor University Format Resource Co-Chair
Paul Rubin, University of Utah Format Resource Co-Chair
CAHEP Pre-Conference  
Erin Doran, Iowa State University Interim Chair
CEP Pre-Conference  
Vijay Kanagala, Salem State University Co-Chair
Nancy Acevedo-Gil, California State University, San Bernardino Co-Chair
Charles H.F. Davis III, University of Michigan Co-Chair
CIHE Pre-Conference  
Jeongeun Kim, University of Maryland CIHE Vice Chair
Santiago Castiello Gutierrez, Seton Hall University CIHE Pre-Conference Co-Chair
CPPHE Pre-Conference  
Kevin McClure, UNCW CPPHE Vice Chair