2020 Program Committee

Solicitation inquiries should be directed to office@ashe.ws.

Program Co-Chairs
Corbin M. Campbell, American University
Julie J. Park, University of Maryland, College Park

Section Chairs
Contexts, Foundations & Methods
J.T. Snipes - Southern Illinois University
Lara Perez-Felkner - Florida State University

Faculty, Academic, Administrative & Classified Staff
Damani White-Lewis - University of Maryland
Dorian L. McCoy - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Graduate & Professional Education
Deniece Dortch - George Washington University
David Nguyen - Ohio University

International Higher Education
Matthew Witenstein - University of Dayton
Kevin R. McClure - University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Organization, Administration & Leadership
Meghan Pifer - University of Louisville
Cecilia Orphan - University of Denver

Policy, Finance & Economics
Dennis Kramer - University of Florida
Kelly Rosinger - Penn State University

Teaching, Learning & Assessment
Robin Phelps-Ward - Ball State University
Ryan Miller - University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Undergraduate Students: College Experiences & Development
Rosie Perez - Iowa State University
Dolly Nguyen - Oregon State University

Undergraduate Students: Pathways to & through College
Nancy Acevedo- Gil - CSU, San Bernadino
Tenisha Tevis - Oregon State University

Undergraduate Students & Graduates: College Impact & Outcomes
Federick Ngo - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Benjamin Selznick - James Madison University

"Swing” Co-Chairs (support for sections with the most proposals)
Jameson Lopez – University of Arizona
Andy Lounder - Association of Governing Boards
Eugene Parker - University of Kansas

Performance, Visual, and Digital Scholarship Co-Chairs
Bridget Turner Kelly - University of Maryland
Wilson Okello - University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Community Engaged Co-Chair
Tania D. Mitchell - University of Minnesota

Local Liaison
Chris Broadhurst - University of New Orleans

Lead for Roundtables & Posters
Ashley Clayton - Louisiana State University

CIHE Pre-Con Co-Chairs
Antigoni Papadimitriou - Western Kentucky University
Gerardo L. Blanco - University of Connecticut

CPPHE Pre-Con Chair
DeShawn Preston - UNCF

CAHEP Pre-Con Chair
Crystal Chambers - East Carolina University

CEP Pre-Con Co-Chairs
Natasha Croom - Clemson University
Antonio Duran - Auburn University