2023 Program Committee Applications

ASHE 2022 Program Committee Section Chairs will lead the review and selection of their respective sections under the leadership of Program Committee Co-Chairs Drs. Angela Boatman and Gerardo Blanco.

Position Description

A full position description, including impact, responsibilities, time commitment, timeline, and support can be found by clicking here.

Program Committee Members

The Program Committee will include topical sections, with chairs leading each:
  • Community-University Partnerships & Praxis: Proposals for this section use community-centric and engaged research to create authentic and empowering spaces from which to conduct research.
  • Faculty, Administrators, and Staff: Proposals for this section should relate to the experiences of contingent and tenure-stream faculty, as well as administrators (academic and student affairs) and staff across various institutional settings and constellations of identities and experiences.
  • Graduate/Professional Education and Graduate Students: Proposals for this section should relate to graduate/professional education and students, and can encompass a wide range of experiences, outcomes, and/or related issues that influence graduate/professional education processes.
  • International Higher Education: Proposals for this section examine international, internationalization, and comparative issues in higher education. Research in this section may focus on a wide range of topics including policy, organization, and governance within an international/comparative context.
  • Organization and Administration: Proposals for this section should examine the processes, functions, and challenges of higher education organizations, institutions, and administration.
  • Leadership in Higher Education: Proposals for this section may focus on leadership practice, theories, conceptual frameworks, and varied approaches to leadership. This section includes examinations of the leadership roles of formal and informal institutional leaders.
  • Philosophy & Foundations: Proposals for this section should examine broader philosophical underpinnings of higher education, arguments regarding the foundational issues/debates in higher education.
  • Policy, Finance, and Economics: Proposals for this section should examine the decisions, interventions, implications, and effects of higher education policy. This may include papers related to the politics of financing higher education at the state and federal levels, including the effects of financial aid policy.
  • Research Methods: Proposals for this section should focus on the study of research methods. This includes the application of new or emerging methods in social science research.
  • Teaching, Learning, and Assessment: Proposals for this section should examine teaching and/or learning processes across higher education. Proposals may also focus on student learning outcomes assessment, teaching evaluations, or institutional assessment.
  • Undergraduate Students: Access: ​Proposals for this section should relate to undergraduate student access and pathways to higher education.
  • Undergraduate Students: Contexts: Proposals for this section may examine the various contexts through which undergraduate students experience higher education.
  • Undergraduate Students: Developmental Theory: Proposals for this section should relate to undergraduate student identity, identity formation, or student development/al theory. 
  • Undergraduate Students: Persistence, Resilience, Retention, and Outcomes: Proposals for this section should examine undergraduate student persistence, resilience, retention, and outcomes of various student populations, as well as interventions (institution and/or system-wide).

In addition to Section Chairs, the Program Committee will also include volunteer leaders who will support Section Chairs with presentation format types:

  • Posters and Roundtables Co-Chairs: Co-Chairs will support the Section Chairs during the review and selection process, create Poster and Roundtable Sessions from across all sections, and support the promotion and planning of these sessions.
  • Performance, Visual, and Digital Scholarship Chair: The Chair will support the Section Chairs during the review and selection process of PVDS proposals and support the promotion and planning of PVDS sessions. Note: For 2023, PVDS presentations will be grouped with other presentations by topic (e.g., faculty) rather than by presentation type (e.g., paper, PVDS)
Additionally, Pre-Conference Chairs serve on the Program Committee and are elected or appointed by their respective Council.

Timeline & Process:

  • Applications must be received no later than Wednesday, September 14 at Noon Pacific
  • Decisions will be sent out by October 15.


To submit your interest, you can complete the application form, which will ask for the following info:
  • Name
  • Organization/Institution
  • Position/Title
  • Email address
  • Ranking of top 4 Sections (see descriptions above)
  • A bulleted list of your previous involvement with ASHE, including service as a reviewer, session chair, session discussant, and/or presenter
  • A summary of your interest and qualifications for the Program Committee, including any prior committee experience and/or involvement in ASHE or other relevant settings. Please discuss your relevant expertise to the section(s) you are applying for. (200 words maximum)
  • Agreement to ASHE Conflict of Interest, Membership, and Ethics Policies

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