Research Recruitment Request

ASHE Research Recruitment Request Guidelines
This information is for ASHE members who want to recruit ASHE members for their research. Information is included below about how to submit an application to have a recruitment post appear in the ASHE Listserv.

Research Recruitment Request Guidelines

  1. Research Recruitment is only available to current ASHE members. This service is not available to non-members (including former members), non-profit organizations, or for-profit businesses.
  2. Research Recruitment must fit within the mission, values, and policies of ASHE as well as be applicable to the ASHE members or a segment of the membership.
  3. Due to the review requirements of this process, there is $25 service fee for applications that are approved. If an application is not approved, there is no fee assessed.
  4. The Research Recruitment, if approved, will be posted in the ASHE Listserv once. The date of posting is at the sole discretion of ASHE.
  5. Mailing addresses nor email addresses will be provided to applicants. 
  6. Only one request per academic semester is permitted.
Elements of the application include:
  1. Research info (name and organization)
  2. Upload a two-page description of the purpose of the study (saved as a PDF and uploaded to the application) as well as how research participants will be engaged. This should include 1) The purpose of the study must have a connection to ASHE’s mission and values and 2) a statement on ethical research, including expectations regarding participant anonymity, confidentiality, and privacy. 
  3. Upload a copy of the IRB proposal and approval along with statement of anticipated risks if not included in IRB application (saved as a PDF and uploaded to the application). Each request must include IRB approval document. Review of research requests will not include making judgments on the quality and rigor of the study as this is evidenced by the researcher’s home institutional review procedures and IRB approval.)
  4. Faculty advisor info (if a student).
Review and Approval Process
Applications will be reviewed by the ASHE Executive Director and are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Under typical circumstances, applicants should receive a decision within one week.

Opting Out
ASHE will honor any member who wants to opt-out of the listserv through their membership application or renewal form.