Research to Practice Project

This collaboration between ASHE and colleague higher education associations and funding agencies (e.g. SHEEO, the Louisiana Board of Regents, Education Commission of the States, American Council on Education, and Spencer Foundation) to partner with New Orleans and Louisiana institutions and organizations on higher education issues of local concern (with state and national implications). Our goal is to form research to practice teams, which include scholars and practitioners, to produce some product of value, such as a brief or evidence-based tool that can inform policy and practice.

We have begun outreach with colleagues at New Orleans and Louisiana higher education institutions, state or local higher education policy-making bodies and community-based organizations that work with higher education. So far emerging as likely topics are the digital divide and implications for the move to online learning when all students and faculty do not have access to the same resources, strategies to reduce equity gaps in workforce development post covid-19, increasing participation in FAFSA, climate for diversity and inclusion, faculty retention, and the need to recreate community throughout and post pandemic.

The advisory group is looking to identify scholars who want to work on a set of defined topics by May 15th. Four to five person teams will work on the projects until October 1, 2020 and present them as part of the 2020 conference. We will also invite a local New Orleans or Louisiana institution partner to join each team. Teams will work remotely, typically through zoom and webinar meetings with several check-ins with the advisory board. The focus of the products produced by each team will be to create actionable recommendations in short briefs, webinars, and/or through tools created like audits. I want to especially thank Christopher Broadhurt (UNO) for his help getting this off the ground.

Advisory Board

KerryAnn O'Meara, President, Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE)
Jason Guilbeau, Executive Director, Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE)
Carrie S. Robison, Deputy Commissioner for Research and Sponsored Initiatives, Louisiana Board of Regents 
David A. Tandberg, Vice President Policy Research and Strategic Initiatives, State Higher Education Executive Officers
Jason Lee, Postdoctoral Fellow, State Higher Education Executive Officers 
Matthew Holsapple, Associate Program Officer, Spencer Foundation
Judy Kiyama, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Higher Education
Christopher J Broadhurst, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, University of New Orleans 
Lorelle Espinosa, Vice President Research, American Council on Education 
Brian Sponsler, Vice President of Policy, Education Commission of the States