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In consultation with the ASHE Publications Committee, RHE Editorial teams, and Johns Hopkins University Press, the ASHE Board of Directors has unanimously voted to begin accepting new manuscript submissions on September 1, 2019. More details about this process as well as the announcement of the new editorial team will be coming in August.


Review of Higher Education is experiencing a significant backlog, prompting a need to temporarily suspend submissions. We are pleased to witness a major increase of submissions from scholars who not only read, but also hope to see their work published in the Review. Such an increase also presents particular challenges that the Board, the Publications Committee, the Review Editor Dr. Gary Pike and Johns Hopkins University Press are collectively working to address. Please know that we value your contributions to the journal as reviewers, editorial board members, and members who consistently submit high-quality research. Clearing the backlog is a major priority for ASHE and we are confident in our ability to address this issue and maintain the integrity and stellar reputation of the Review as an important journal in the field of higher education. 
We realize that many of you may have general questions. Here is an FAQ that will hopefully address many lingering concerns:
1. When will the Review's submission portal reopen?
a. As soon as possible. We are exploring numerous options at our disposal to address the current backlog, as well as place procedures and structures in place to avoid another backlog.
2. Given the backlog, will any manuscripts in the system, regardless of status be sent to other publication outlets for review? 
a. There is no plan to send articles currently accepted at the Review, or manuscripts currently under review to other publication outlets for review or dissemination.
3. Has the Review ever considered an OnlineFirst format that allows full manuscripts to be made available prior to their availability in print?
a. Yes. However, this option is not available through JHUP at this time.
4. Should I send my manuscript elsewhere or wait until the portal reopens?
a. The decision to wait or send to another publisher is a personal choice. If you have a more immediate timeline, feel free to pursue other publication outlets. We know there are plenty of quality journals and support our members in pursuing a range of outlets relevant to their work. Once the portal reopens, we hope you will submit your research to the Review.
As more information becomes available, we will notify the membership. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as the Review experiences tremendous growth.
Lori Patton Davis
ASHE President


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