Strategic Plan

In February 2022, the ASHE Board of Directors approved the framework for our process. The Strategic Planning Core Group is leading the process and will present a final proposal to the Board of Directors in Fall 2022.  This group will be responsible for:

  • collecting, compiling, and interpreting data from Association leaders through focus groups and a survey
  • preparing a strategic plan proposal to present to the ASHE Board electronically in July/August
  • updating the draft plan based on board feedback
  • sharing the plan with internal ASHE leaders and reconciling feedback
  • preparing a final proposal to submit to the ASHE Board of Directors at the October 2022 meeting

The group included:

  • Joy Gaston Gayles (Co-Chair) | ASHE 2022 President
  • Jason P. Guilbeau (Co-Chair) | ASHE Executive Director
  • Noah D. Drezner | ​ASHE Advancement & Fundraising Committee Chair
  • Eileen Galvez | ASHE Graduate Student Board Member
  • Ana M. Martínez-Alemán |ASHE 2023 President
  • Robin Zape-tah-hol-ah Minthorn | ASHE Board Member
  • Demetri Morgan | ASHE Budget, Finance, & Compliance Committee Member
  • Tessa Smith | ASHE Strategic Planning Intern

The Core Group of ASHE leaders began work in March 2022 that included:

  • Over 30 Discussion Groups of ASHE leaders and members
  • A survey to current and former members
  • An environmental scan through ASAE ForesightWorks
  • Review of Conference Evaluation Reports
  • An in-person meeting of the workgroup hosted on the campus of North Carolina State University
  • Presentation of the draft report to the ASHE Board and Association leaders

The plan is rooted in the history of ASHE with a vision for the future and was guided by the following priorities and questions:

  • Making ASHE Relevant: What does ASHE stand for and how do we make our mission consistent across the Association?
  • Making ASHE Valuable: What does ASHE provide members that is distinct and how is that relevant to members’ professional goals?
  • Making ASHE Sustainable: How does ASHE maintain financial viability while also considering potential economic barriers to its benefits and activities?