Strategic Planning Processs 2022

2020-2023 Strategic Planning Updates

In 2019, ASHE 2019 President Kristen A. Renn and Executive Director Jason P. Guilbeau engaged the association in ASHE’s first-ever strategic planning process. The 2020-2023 Strategic Plan was informed by various workgroups, a membership survey, three town halls, and numerous data points including past surveys, membership demographics, event attendance reports, and trends from the field of higher education as well as association and non-profit management.
As of this month, the Association has fully completed 24% of the goals set forth in the plan and made progress, and is on track to complete, 46% of the plan’s goals by the end of 2022. The Association is gearing up to launch planning for the final 30% of the plan’s goals. Notable achievements include:
  • Developing conference proposal reviewer and session discussant resources, including guides and webinars for both groups, to strengthen the conference peer-review process.
  • Creating a formal Local and Community Engagement Committee, building off of the work of many formal and informal groups throughout ASHE’s history.
  • Creating a Professional Development Committee charged with assessing and providing a strategic direction for ASHE’s professional development portfolio.
  • Providing greater transparency to processes of the Review of Higher Education, including developing and publicizing a manuscript review/publication general timeline.
  • Strengthening internal processes for the Association, including the creation of Budget, Finance, and Compliance policies; advancement and fundraising policies; and a new set of ethics policies, including an Ethics Committee.
In addition, work continues on various aspects of the policies through a strategic workgroup on Scholarly Communication; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Accessibility; Operations; and Entities.
The 2020-2023 Strategic Plan and its accomplishments continue to strengthen our association and allow us to navigate the global health pandemic with a focus on continuously uplifting our members and striving for organizational justice.

2022 Strategic Planning Process

As we begin planning for our next strategic plan, we want to share our process and ways for you to be engaged. 
In February 2022, the ASHE Board of Directors approved the framework for our process. The Strategic Planning Core Group is leading the process and will present a final proposal to the Board of Directors in Fall 2022.  This group will be responsible for:
  • collecting, compiling, and interpreting data from Association leaders through focus groups and a survey
  • preparing a strategic plan proposal to present to the ASHE Board electronically in July/August
  • updating the draft plan based on board feedback
  • sharing the plan with internal ASHE leaders and reconciling feedback
  • preparing a final proposal to submit to the ASHE Board of Directors at the October 2022 meeting

The group includes:

Joy Gaston Gayles, Co-Chair
2022 President

Jason P. Guilbeau, Co-Chair
Executive Director

Demetri Morgan
ASHE Budget, Finance, and Compliance Committee Member

Noah Drezner
​Advancement and Fundraising Committee Chair

Robin Zape-tah-hol-ah Minthorn
ASHE Board Member

Eileen Galvez
ASHE Graduate Student Board Member

Ana Martínez-Alemán
2023 President

Tessa Smith
Strategic Planning Intern

Anticipated Timeline


Membership Survey & Discussion Group Invites sent out


Discussion Groups 

Late June

Core Group meeting to discuss feedback and draft initial plan


Plan draft sent to Board of Directors and Committee Chairs for initial feedback


Plan draft sent to all ASHE members for open comment period


Core Group finalizes the proposal


Presentation to ASHE Board for final approval


Final plan presented to membership at annual conference

Discussion Group​s

As part of the process to engage with ASHE leaders and members, the Core Group will be coordinating ## Discussion Groups between May and June. In addition to 21 internal ASHE groups (e.g., ASHE Committees, ASHE Board, ASHE Council Executive Committees), the Core group will also host 9 open Discussion groups for the following member groups: 

  • Members outside of the academy
  • ​Non-Tenure Track Faculty & Postdoctoral Scholars
  • Graduate Student Members: 
  • Scholars of Color
  • Assistant Professors 
  • Full Professors
  • Academic Leaders
  • Associate Professors
Current ASHE members will receive an email invite to these Discussion Groups.

Membership Survey

Members of the ASHE community will also receive a membership survey. We appreciate members taking the time to complete this survey to provide feedback to the Core Group.