Video Challenge Kick-Off

ASHE President KerryAnn O'Meara: Welcome Message


Thank you to the higher education scholars below for kicking-off the ASHE 2020 Full Participation Video Challenge Project:

Julie J. Park: Why We Should Can the SAT

Lori Patton Davis: Full Participation for Black Women in Higher Education

Brett Ranon Nachman: Advancing Full Participation for Autistic College Students


Pilar Mendoza: A Youth Participatory Action Research with Black Undergraduate Students in Colombia

George Spencer: Improving access to transfer pathways


Cecilia Orphan: Full Participation for Regional Comprehensive Universities


J.D. Lopez: Creating Relevant Indigenous Outcome Variables

Frim Ampaw: Advancing full participation in STEM majors

Aaron Pallas & Anna Neumann: Convergent Teaching: Tools to Spark Deeper Learning in College

Coco Reyes: Why Land Matters in Advancing Full Participation

Leslie Gonzales: Unlearning Evaluative Norms in the Academy to Advance Full Participation

KerryAnn O'Meara: Undoing Disparities in Faculty Work and Rewards

Linda Sax: What Higher Education Can Do to Advance Full Participation for Women in Tech


Audrey J. Jaeger: Preparing Community College Leaders

Timothy K. Eatman: Full Participation in Honors Colleges - Imagine That!

Kristen A. Renn: Remaking Higher Education for Full Participation and Inclusion