Virtual Roundtables

Virtual roundtable presentations provide a forum for scholars to engage in active discussion with other conference attendees about a completed research project or about a project in developing stages. It is an opportunity for Authors to share information in an informal, conversational style. 

There is no requirement to upload a final paper in the proposal system or to create a presentation. However, we do encourage authors to create a one-page handout–see below.​

Arriving to Your Virtual Roundtable (15 minutes prior to your session)

Virtual Roundtable sessions will be held in a Zoom Meeting. Prior to your session, please ensure your Zoom is updated (see

NOTE: Any Author/Presenter who is listed on a paper but not registered will not be able to present. In this situation, we assume the Author is not presenting. 
  • Plan to log in 15 minutes early so that the ASHE Conference Staff can check your audio and visual and answer any technical questions. The Zoom room will not be open to attendees at this time.
  • Log in to the Virtual Ticket Website using the information provided in the Attendee email.
  • Click the Schedule Tab and find your Session. 
  • Click the Zoom link to your Session. The ASHE Conference Staff will allow Presenters into the room 15 minutes before the start of the session (this is based on matching your Zoom name to your name in the program so please ensure they match; ASHE Conference Staff will also ensure only Presenters registered are admitted to the room).
  • In the 15 minutes before your session starting, the Chair will lead the conversation covering: 
    • The order of the presentations based on the program 
    • The time limits for each Presenter 
    • Process for selecting questions from the Chat for the Q and A section
    • Process for Q and A section of the session 
  • 3 minutes before the scheduled start time, the ASHE Conference Staff will open the Zoom meeting for attendees to join the session.
  • At the time of the scheduled start time, the Chair will begin the session.

Virtual Roundtable Session Format

What you will see as a Presenter will be a Zoom meeting room. 
  • Attendees will be on-screen during the presentation and can use their cameras and microphones. However, some attendees may not have reliable internet or other reasons for not turning on their cameras; this should be respected.
  • Attendees and Presenters can interact through the Zoom chat feature. 
  • When you are not presenting, you should turn off your mic and can turn off your camera.
Screenshot of a Zoom meeting with features and settings for Presenters

Options available to Presenters during a Zoom meeting. 

Virtual Roundtable Agenda (45 minutes)

Roundtable Sessions are 45-minutes long which features Authors sharing their research in an informal, conversational style.
  1. The Chair introduces themself and acknowledges the place you are joining from (i.e., a land acknowledgment). Session Chair introduces the session and reviews the agenda/timing of the session (1-2 minutes). 
  2. Session Chair introduces Paper #1 and Presenters (1 minute) 
  3. Paper #1 (10 minutes).
  4. Session Chair introduces Paper #2 and Presenters (1 minute) 
  5. Paper #2 (10 minutes) 
  6. Session Chair introduces Paper #3 and Presenters (1 minute) 
  7. Paper #3 (10 minutes) 
  8. Session Chair facilitates Open Q&A (15 minutes).
NOTE: If only 2 presentations are assigned to a roundtable session, 15 minutes will be allocated to each Presenter. If there are four papers, then each Author will have 8 minutes.

Virtual Roundtable Session Handout

We suggest you create a one-page handout of your paper. 
  • Use an easy-to-read font and layout (e.g., Times New Roman or Arial). Use at least a 12-point font.
  • Use high-contrast background and text colors (black text on white background).
  • Make sure your handout matches your presentation and add any references that may be helpful to your audience.
  • You will be able to share this through the file share feature in the chat.

Virtual Roundtable Presentation Tips

  • Keep your presentation simple and brief.
  • Determine the key points for your presentation and highlight them in your talk.
  • Speak slowly, clearly, and pause between topics, so attendees, captioners, and/or sign language interpreters can keep pace.
  • Avoid jargon, acronyms, and idioms, or explain acronyms, terms, names, etc., that you will use.
  • Summarize the main points at the end.

Virtual Roundtable Troubleshooting

An ASHE Staff member will be in the virtual room to assist Presenters with mic, camera, and screen sharing issues. As the host of the session, they can support by managing Zoom meeting functions such as muting and unmuting attendees.