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Graduate Student Resources

Currently, graduate students comprise one-third of the ASHE membership. We are the future of the association and will eventually serve as its leaders. This page provides resources that will help graduate student members of ASHE develop as scholars, researchers, academics, policymakers, and administrators. Please check back periodically, this page will be updated regularly.

Lisa Millora & Brian Burt
2011-2012 ASHE Graduate Student Representatives

2012 ASHE Conference:

Conference Information

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Pre-Conferences: November 14-15, 2012
General Conference: November 15-17, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Job Market Session (Pre-Conference, 10-11:45 a.m.) This pre-conference will provide insight and advice into career choices and the job search process. Graduate students will hear from panelists in administrative, research, and policy careers. Panelists will discuss their experiences as job candidates and as employers, suggest strategies for professional development, and offer thoughts on job searching etiquette.

Panelists participating in this session include: Bryan Cook, Magdalena Martinez, Matt Mayhew, Melissa McDaniels, Brian Sponsler, and Dafina Lazarus Stewart.

An Intimate Conversation with Scholars (Roundtable, 12:45-2:00 p.m.) This session will provide students with an opportunity to meet scholars (in academe, policy, and administration) who have similar research interests; we are including scholars in policy and administration because we are not having the Job Market student session.

The scholars participating in this session are: Sandy Astin, Ann Austin, Mitch Chang, James Davis, Sharon Fries-Britt, Chris Golde, Mary Howard-Hamilton, Pat McDonough, Jeff Milem, Ernie Pascarella, and Eboni Zamani-Gallaher. Most of the panelists from the job market pre-conference session from 10-11:45 a.m. will also join us: Bryan Cook, Magdalena Martinez, Matt Mayhew, Melissa McDaniels, and Dafina Lazarus Stewart.

Friday, November 16, 2012
Writing Session (Presentation/Workshop, Friday, 8:45-10 a.m.). This session will focus on 1) structuring peer writing groups (e.g. creative approaches to working with peers at other institutions), 2) learning peer review (e.g. finding ways to incent peers to review your work, such as “paper trades”), 3) developing good writing habits, and 4) learning about writing resources.

Graduate Student Social Event (Reception, Friday, 6:30-7:30 p.m.TBD). This reception will facilitate networking among students with similar research interests and across institutions.

Saturday, November 17, 2012
ASHE DASH (TBD): This year marks the third year of the ASHE Dash. This 5K fun run/walk is intended to encourage collegiality and wellness among ASHE members. The proceeds of the ASHE Dash benefit graduate travel scholarships. Register for the ASHE Dash.

Graduate Student Luncheon (lunchtime).
This year’s luncheon will feature themed tables to help students connect research interests, career interests, and thematic topics (e.g. graduate students who are parents, transitioning from full-time work to full-time student, etc.). There will also be a book giveaway at the end of the luncheon.

2012 Graduate Travel Scholarship

2012 Graduate Travel Scholarship Information:
Travel scholarships are available to students whose proposal(s) to present posters, research papers, roundtables, or symposia have been accepted.

Selection Criteria:
Selection Criteria:
1) Significance of the applicant’s need for funding;
2) Significance of what the applicant will gain by attending the conference; and,
3) Thoughtfulness and creativity of applicant’s proposed contributions to ASHE in the upcoming year.

Expectations for Scholarship Recipients:
Scholarship recipients are expected to:
• Attend Saturday’s graduate student luncheon if not scheduled to present at the same time.
• Attend a short meeting immediately prior to the graduate student social with the ASHE graduate student representatives and other scholarship recipients.
• Assist with the facilitation of at least one ASHE graduate student session at the 2012 conference (e.g. taking notes, distributing and collecting handouts and surveys, answering questions)
• Provide a short biography (within one month of the conference) that will be placed on the ASHE graduate student website.
• Submit a written thank you letter (within one month of the conference) to the ASHE Board, which may also be shared with donors to the scholarship fund.
• Write a short article for the ASHE newsletter on the benefits of earning an ASHE Travel Scholarship or assist with some other graduate student initiative during the 2011-12 academic year.
• Serve as a member of a graduate student subcommittee for the 2011-12 academic year to develop and implement ideas for making ASHE more supportive of graduate students' needs.

Deadline: Applications are due September 1, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time). All applicants will be notified about the outcome of the process no later than October 1, 2012. Please contact Brian Burt at for more information.

The application is available here: Scholarship Application and requires the following information:
• Basic contact and demographic information
• Descriptions of accepted proposal(s)
• Itemized budget for attending ASHE 2012 1 (e.g., transportation costs, hotel, meals)
• List of other secured or potential funding sources
• Description of financial need, no more than 250 words
• Statement of no more than 250 words describing: 1) what you will gain by attending the conference, 2) how you plan to contribute to ASHE at the 2012 meeting and for the 2012-13 academic year.

Please note: You cannot start this application, save it, and come back later. All sections must be completed at the same time. Be sure to click SUBMIT at the bottom of this page before closing your browser window. Please contact Brian Burt at if you have questions.

To learn more about past scholarship recipients and their research select the links below:

33rd Annual Graduate Student Policy Seminar

The focus of the 2012 Graduate Student Policy Seminar is on immigrant students (documented and undocumented) and we have brought together a diverse and talented group of individuals to shed light on institutional and public policy issues related to immigrants. Advanced doctoral students interested in institutional and public policy are encouraged to seek nominations from their higher education program coordinator/chair. An interest in immigrant students, immigrant policy issues, and students of color is desirable, but not required as general policy research will be discussed.


2011-2012 ASHE Graduate Representatives
The ASHE By-Laws require that two graduate students serve as members of the ASHE Board of Directors. One graduate student is elected to the board each year to serve a two-year term. Graduate students contribute to the board’s decision-making process in ways that take into consideration graduate students’ issues. They represent the graduate student community and advocate for graduate student members of the association by raising graduate students’ concerns, voicing the needs of graduate students, considering how board decisions will affect graduate students and subsequently sharing those perspectives with the board. Graduate Student Representatives work to develop innovative ways to improve the experiences of graduate student members within the ASHE community and to assist graduate students in connecting with existing resources. For more information on the role of Graduate Student Representatives, click here.

Current Graduate Representatives
Brian A. Burt (2011-2013)
Lisa Millora (2010-2012)

Past Graduate Representatives
Emma Maria Xochitl Flores (2009-2011)
Amanda Suniti Niskodé-Dossett (2008-2010)
Kelly Risbey
Judy Marquez Kiyama

ASHE Graduate Student Network

The ASHE Graduate Student Network pages were designed to serve as a tool for ASHE graduate students who wish to connect with old friends, meet new colleagues, network, share ideas about research and trends in higher education, share dissertation and thesis writing strategies and struggles, discuss opportunities for funding and calls for proposals, find roommates for upcoming conferences, etc…

Stay connected with graduate student colleagues, join the Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Past ASHE Conference Graduate Student Sessions

We realize that not all graduate students are able to attend the annual ASHE Conference. In an effort to make resources available to all ASHE students, we have compiled notes from most of the sessions for your review. The Conference Recap includes information on the following topics:
  • Developing research ideas and agendas
  • Searching for faculty and administrative jobs
  • Tips for publishing
  • How to present at next year’s conference
  • Balancing work/school/personal life
  • Considering a doctorate
  • Issues and concerns of master’s students
  • Networking
  • Teaching (skills/methods/resources for being an effective teacher)
      2009 Session Recap Topics covered included developing research ideas and networks, being on the job market, and the importance of professionalism.

      • Faculty Roundtable tables and bios.docThis include the names, emails, and research interests of the 17 faculty members who participated in the session "Sitting down with scholars: The development of research ideas, networks, and mentors"
      2008 Session Recap Topics covered included publishing, journal submissions, and graduate student socialization.

    Newsletter Articles for Graduate Students
      Winter 2010 Newsletter
      • Highlight: In this edition, we share information about the 2009 conference including highlights for the graduate student assessment survey, and out next steps as your representatives. The 2009 travel scholarship recipients also reflect on how they made the most of the conference (p.13)
    • Summer 2009 Newsletter
      • Highlight: New Opportunities: When to say yes, how to say no, and finding the balance (p.10)

    What would you like to see on this page? What information would you find useful? What can you contribute? Are you interested in getting involved with ASHE?

    Please contact the ASHE graduate student representatives at to share ideas and resources.

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