Presentation Adjustments

Once proposals are accepted, some authors may need to make changes, such as adding additional authors, making spelling or grammatical changes to their title and/or abstract, or withdrawing from the conference. The details below outline the process for each.

Adjusting a Presenters Name or Organization/Institution

Each presenter's name and organization/institution flows directly from the ASHE membership system. To adjust this information, a presenter can log in to their profile at and update their information. Changes made after July 12 may not appear in the print program and/or conference app.

Adding/Removing Participants

To ensure transparency for all parties, change requests for authorship on a proposal require completion of the ASHE Conference Presentation Adjustment Form by the submitter of the proposal and include the following information: 

  • Title of Proposal
  • Requested Author/Presenter Adjustment: Addition or Removal
  • Name of Author/Presenter being Added or Removed
    • *Note: If a person is being added, they must have an ASHE member or guest account. If they do not, they can create one at
  • Additional notes for the ASHE Office
  • Agreement to: I agree that the author is aware and agrees to their addition/removal from this presentation. I understand that upon completion of this change in the ASHE Conference Portal, the ASHE Office will email the person who submitted this form as well as the person being added/removed (to the email address we have on file). If the author responds and disagrees with this change, the list of original authors on the proposals will stand (without the deletion/addition).

This form must be submitted by July 12, 2024 at 8:00AM Central/Minneapolis Time.

Editing Presentation Title/Abstract

Edits to the title or abstract are able to be made for spelling or grammatical reasons only. No substantive changes are allowed to titles at this time. Examples of substantive changes include: Edits of more than 4 words and edits which change the topical focus of the presentation. These substantive changes could create conflicts with the other presentations in the session. Change requests require completion of the ASHE Conference Presentation Adjustment Form by the submitter of the proposal and include the following information: 

  • Email of Proposal Submitter
  • Name of Proposal Submitter
  • Current Title of Proposal
  • Edited Title of the Proposal
  • Edited Abstract
  • Additional notes for the ASHE Staff

This form must be submitted by July 12, 2024 at 8:00AM Central/Minneapolis Time.